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Winnebago County Fair

Concert #870

Come see ApologetiX headline this secular event!

Friday, August 18, 2006

(please plan to arrive 15-30 minutes prior)

Winnebago County Fairgrounds
Pecatonica, IL 61063


Sponsored by: Ron Murphy

From the East (Chicagoland)
Take I-90 West to the US-20 Rockford/Freeport exit (NOT Business US 20). Take US-20 west about 25 miles to Pecatonica.

From the North (Wisconsin)
Take I-90 East (It really goes South, but they call it 90 East) south past Business US-20 to the US-20 West exit (Freeport exit). Go west on US-20 about 25 miles to Pecatonica.

From the South (Downstate)
Take I-39 North to US-20. Go west on US-20 about 22 miles to Pecatonica.

From the West (Iowa)
Take US-20 East about 12 miles past Freeport, IL. Stay on US-20 to Pecatonica.

Detailed Directions
If you are coming from the East (Chicagoland, Wisconsin, Downstate) you will turn right off U.S. Route 20. From Iowa, you will be turning left off U.S. Route 20.

Depending on traffic conditions, there are 3 roads to go north the 2-miles from U.S. Route 20 to the Fairgrounds and Parking Areas.

The first road going North is Pecatonica Road, and leads to the business district. If you need gas or food, or are using the executive parking or stage entrance passes, take this road. However, it is probably the busiest during events.

The second road going North is Grove Road. This comes into town just east of the main entrance.

The third road is Spielman Road. It comes in just west of the main entrance. If traffic is backed up on Pecatonica Road, this is probably your best route.

Both Grove Road and Spielman Road get you the closest to the gate parking areas.

Radio Station:

For more information:
Ron Murphy