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Does ApologetiX accept parody suggestions?

We get many e-mails from people asking if we accept parody suggestions.  The suggestion that we make to all aspiring parodists (which is the same suggestion that Weird Al makes) is to try and get a band together and bring the parodies and songs you write into reality.  

The reason we don't accept suggestions for our parodies is this: What if somebody sends us their idea for a parody and it's an idea we've already had (although unpublished)?

With over 500 parodies written, it's very likely this could be the case. Plus, with many of those songs waiting to be recorded, it's hard enough for our own music to get on a CD!

Another factor is that we have some specific topics that we want to address and discuss. Going into the studio to record previous CDs, we had almost twice as many songs as what finally made it onto the CD because only so many would fit into "the big picture" or theme of the CD.

It might be just that you'd like a place to post your parodies, and those places exist.  Here's the best one we know:

Two guys who can tell you about getting your parodies posted there are:

Randall Hyde
Jeff James