Crowd shot masthead ApologetiX Logo Keith Haynie plays bassBill Hubauer plays lead guitarJ. Jackson sings leadJimmy Vegas Tanner plays drums

What was the first song the band ever recorded?

The first song ApologetiX ever recorded in the studio was a song called "Emmaus," parody of "Shambala" by Three Dog Night, in the spring of 1992. ApologetiX lead guitarist and soon-to-be producer Karl Messner was experimenting with rhythm guitarist Andy Sparks' Tascam four-track recorder with lead singer J. Jackson singing all the parts.

The first live song we ever recorded is hard to determine, but Karl started recording the band at practices in the summer of 1990. The first recording of an official ApologetiX concert was a performance at Destiny Christian Fellowship in Moon Township, PA on May 29, 1992. We're not even sure the tape still exists, but it's probably in our vaults somewhere. (Editor's note: J. just checked; it is!) The first widely distributed concert recording of ApologetiX was called "Get Your Wigs" and was recorded June 20, 1992. We gave away hundreds of those, because the demand was so great.

The popularity of "Get Your Wigs" inspired Karl to record our first studio album, "Parable Guy," which was mass produced on homemade cassettes and released on November 21, 1992. That first studio recording of "Emmaus" was included on the "Parable Guy" cassette, which has been out of print now for many years.