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What were the first parodies you wrote?

We asked ApologetiX lead singer/lyricist J. Jackson to answer that question:

Some of the earliest Christian parodies I wrote were pretty primitive, although we fine-tuned a few of them later and put them on our CDs. Here are some of the earliest ones, as best as I remember:

"I Wanna Read the Bible" ("I Wanna Be Sedated" by the Ramones), a song to learn the books of the Old Testament
"The New Testament in Living Color (Go to Romans)" ("Kodachrome" by Paul Simon), a song to learn the books of the New Testament
"Died and Rose" (earlier version)
"Jonah Jonah" (earlier version)
"Hey Zaccheus" ("Take it Easy" by the Eagles)
"Apostl'y Namin'" (early version of "Apostle Me")
"Mrs. Protestant" ("Mrs. Robinson" by Simon & Garfunkel)
"Emmaus" ("Shambala" by Three Dog Night)
"Never Been to Spain ... Yet" ("Never Been to Spain" by Three Dog Night), a song about Paul's missionary journeys.
"Parable Guy" (earlier version)
"Already Goin'" ("Already Gone" by the Eagles)
"Trust in the Lord" ("Joy to the World" by Three Dog Night)
"Eight Ways to Be (The Beatitudes)" ("Eight Days a Week" by the Beatles)
"Ha-Bakk" ("Get Back" by the Beatles")
"Credence Thru Deepwater Survival" (earlier version)
"Bye Bye Law" ("Bye Bye Love" by the Everly Brothers)
"The Roots of Rock and Roll" (early version of "Rock and Roots")