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What does J. say at the end of "Smart Blest Man?"

"Smart Blest Man," the parody of ZZ Top's "Sharp Dressed Man," on "Biblical Graffiti has a half-spoken/half-sung outro. Here's what J. says:

He's got plagues
He knows how to use them
He never begs, don't bow to humans

But He'll help you out,
He'll make you wise
You know what I'm talking about
So ask Him, now, now, now, now
How now brown cow

It's hard to talk with all this beard in my mouth
How come the guy named Beard is the only one who doesn't have one?

Those are a bunch of ZZ Top jokes. The first part spoofs their top 10 song "Legs" from 1984. The second part spoofs their classic rock hit "La Grange" from 1974. The third part refers to the long beards worn by ZZ Top's guitarist and bass player, Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill, but conspicuously absent on their drummer, whose last name is Beard -- Frank Beard.

Some people have mistakenly thought J. was saying "It's hard to talk with all this beer in my mouth!"