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Why isn't "Look Yourself" on New & Used Hits?

Good question. Actually, we made a decision that no group or artist would be spoofed more than once on "New & Used Hits: The Best of ApologetiX Vol. 1 & 2."

Yes, "Look Yourself" was a #1 national Christian rap/hip hop hit, but "The Real Sin Savior" was at least as popular with our fans, and it won the 2002 American Christian Music Award for Fringe Song of the Year.

Often, when bands put out a "best of," they will err on the side of older stuff rather than putting stuff from their most recent album. Still, we do have four songs from "Adam Up" on "New & Used Hits," although one is a new "live" version.

If we have a Vol. 3 and 4, "Look Yourself" will be on it. Also, as much as we like "Look Yourself," the guys in the band liked "The Real Sin Savior" even better for representing both the evangelical and humorous side of ApologetiX. We all voted on it and it was unanimous.