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Does ApologetiX play concerts in Canada?

We have played in Ontario a couple of times in the 2001 and 2002 and appeared on the Canadian T.V. show "100 Huntley Street" in the fall of 2002.  We'd love to come back.  Pray us back there.  

When ApologetiX lead singer/lyricist J. Jackson was a kid, his family vacationed in Canada four or five different times in Ontario and Quebec. Drummer Bill Rieger made many trips to Toronto when he was in drum corp and has also done some vacationing in Nova Scotia.

J., Bill, bass player Keith Haynie, and their families all visited Ontario briefly for a trip to Niagara Falls in August 2004 the day after the Kingdom Bound concert near Buffalo NY. We meet a lot of Canadian fans on our annual trips to Kingdom Bound, where we have played five times in the past six years.

We get a surprising amount of email from Canadians who ask us when we plan to tour there, and maybe we'll be able to someday, but at least we hope to do some Canadian concerts here and there from time to time.  We must confess that it is harder to book there than in the United States, because of the issues involved in getting across the border and through customs with band equipment and merchandise.  But we're big fans of Canada, and we'd love to play in all of the provinces there.

If you know a Canadian promoter who'd like to have us up there, please have them contact our booking agent, Kathleen Burke, via the contact page (Choose "I'm Interested in Hosting a Concert" under "My Message is Really About") or at 949-770-3001.  And prayer helps too!  Pray us up there!