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Are Christian parodies sacrilegious?

Overall, we've had a 99% positive response to our music from both Christians and non-Christians.

Like Paul's, our message (The Gospel) is the same in all of our songs, no matter what the genre. All we are doing is translating it into a language which our audience understands. Some people translate the Bible into foreign languages to reach others; we translate it into the language of music.

God made human beings, and God made music. Human beings become sinful by the things they say and do. Music becomes "sinful" by the things it says (lyrics) and does (the feelings and actions those lyrics stir up in the audience) But God can change a human being and make him a new creation (2 Cor. 5:17) filled with righteousness. God can do the same thing with music. When God changes a human being, on the surface that human being may appear exactly the same, but his heart is changed. When God changes music, it may sound the same, but the heart of the song is changed.

We try to incorporate as many Bible verses, facts and verse numbers into our songs as possible. I am absolutely delighted when people come back to me and tell me that our songs are helping them to memorize scripture.

Finally, there is an extraordinary webpage that goes into great detail about the debate whether Christian music is legitimate or not, and you really need to check it out. The author there presents both sides of the issue fairly, although his personal view is pro-Christian-rock. The site is: