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Do the band members answer their own email?

Yes. We receive a surprising amount of email from fans and friends -- thousands of emails from all over the world. We read every email, and we try to answer every person who writes to us.

Some members of the band are quicker to respond than others, and some times we are able to respond more quickly than other times, but all of us do respond to email.

If you receive a response to an email, that means it was personally typed to you by the actual band member and not by some anonymous staff member.

If you do not receive a response to an email, there is a good chance that the band member(s) hasn't yet been able to respond to you yet or possibly missed your email. It's O.K. to send an email again if you're afraid your original email got lost in the shuffle.

Please remember that we are on the road a lot, and our jobs in ApologetiX don't end when we get off stage. There is a lot of other work that needs done behind the scenes. In addition to that, we are all married, and we have 13 kids among us to take care of!

Please be patient with us! We are honored to get email from you, and we don't take you for granted. We need all the friends and fans we can get!

You can send us email directly from each of our bio pages (or by clicking our tiny pictures at the top of any page!)