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Who is Jerry Hayostek?

Jerry Hayostek was the original ApologetiX bass player. Although Jerry doesn't play on any of our CDs, he did play on our first three cassettes, which are now out of print, "Early ApologetiX (Get Your Wigs)," "Parable Guy," and "Want It Dead or Alive?"

God brought Jerry to ApologetiX at a time when we desperately needed a bass player (believe it or not, we played our first concert without a bass player, and our drummer wasn't even able to make it!), and he was a great addition, playing with us from spring 1992 until early 1993, and then briefly again later in 1993.

Jerry also arranged for us to have our first big-time mixing board for the recording of our first live cassette and our last studio cassette, Isn't Wasn't Ain't. Jerry later played bass for Christian rock band 70x7, which also featured B.J. Collins, who played keyboards on our "Ticked" CD and some of the tracks on our "Jesus Christ Morningstar" CD.

Interesting note: All of Jerry's children are named after U.S. presidents ... honest! Here are their names: Taylor, Madison, McKinley, Kennedy, Monroe, Carter, Quincy, Pierce, and Grant.