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Has ApologetiX had any national hits?

Yes, believe it or not! We don't watch the national charts as avidly as we might, but we're aware of the following singles and albums charting in the major publications that publish or have published national Christian music charts, R & R Magazine, ChristianBEATS/American Christian Music Journal and CCM.

NOTE: The following list does not include how various songs have done on individual stations, but we can tell you that our very first top 40 charting song was "Read Ephesians" on WITR in Rochester NY in the mid-90's, and our first #1 charting song was "Choirboy" on WITR in Rochester NY in 2000.


"Keep the Change"
#15 National Christian Retail Bestsellers Rock Chart, published by CCM (November 2001)

"Adam Up"
#1 National Christian Modern/College Rock Album Chart, ChristianBEATS (May/June 2004)

"New & Used Hits: The Best of ApologetiX Vol. 1 & 2"
#1 National Christian Newest Rock Album Chart, American Christian Music Journal (December 2004)
#1 National Christian Modern/Alternative Album Chart, American Christian Music Journal (December 2004)


"JC's Mom"
#1 Christian Alternative/Modern Single, American Christian Music Journal (January 2005)

"Look Yourself"
#1 Christian Rap/Hip Hop Single, ChristianBEATS (January 2004)
#1 on
Top 10 on R & R National Christian Rhythmic Charts

"Lifestyles of the Rich & Nameless"
Top 30 R & R National Christian Rock Charts (April 2004)
#2 ChristianBEATS National Christian Modern/College Singles (May 2004)
2004 American Christian Music Award, "Alternative Song of the Year"

"The Real Sin Savior"
Top 30 ChristianBEATS National Christian rock charts (2002)
2002 American Christian Music Award, "Fringe Song of the Year"

Top 40 Hits on the National Christian Rock Charts:

"The Real Sin Savior" (ChristianBEATS, 2002)
"Smooth Grandmama" (R & R. September 2002)
"How You Rewind Me" (R & R, July 2003)
"Lifestyles of the Rich & Nameless" (R & R, April 2004)
"Downer of a Sister" (R & R, October 2004)
"JC's Mom" (American Christian Music Journal, December 2004)