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Does "Weird Al" get permission to do parodies?

Weird Al's website recognizes the legal rights of parodists to do parodies without permission.  However, as an established superstar with a non-religious message, he really doesn't pose a threat to the artists he spoofs, so he still asks for permission anyway to maintain relationships he started before the 1994 2 Live Crew case, and also to ensure his share of the royalties as the lyricist.  Here's a direct quote from Al's website:

"Does Al get permission to do his parodies?
"Al does get permission from the original writers of the songs that he parodies. While the law supports his ability to parody without permission, he feels it's important for him to maintain the relationships that he's built with artists and writers over the years. Plus, Al wants to make sure that he gets his songwriter credit (as writer of new lyrics) as well as his rightful share of the royalties."   

Note: The members of ApologetiX do not get paid royalties for their parodies.