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Who is the #1 fan of ApologetiX?

Why, YOU are, of course. Did you really have to ask?

We are amazed at how often people will introduce themselves to us as our #1 fan after concerts or via email. So we finally decided to issue the following decree:

Whosoever shall open the "Who is Our #1 Fan" link shall henceforth be our #1 fan for the entire span of time they spend on that link ... until the next person opens that link.

We have the greatest fans in the world. Many of them are listed in the copious liner notes in the CD book for "Adam Up." Unfortunately, we neglected to mention the guy who took the cover photo ... our pal and your fellow #1 fan, Todd Sherinian.

Thanks for being our #1 fan! Seriously! We're very honored ... and we need all the #1 fans we can get!