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Who is Jeff Pakula?

Jeff Pakula (pronounced "Pah-KOOL-uh") was the original drummer for ApologetiX and played with the band from June 1990 till the fall of 1993. If somebody wants to find the Fountain of Youth, they'd better ask Jeff for directions.

Jeff was the first musician to join Karl and J. after they started playing together in late May 1990. Jeff actually had first met and become friends with J. in late 1989, but it was Karl who suggested that Jeff join the group.

Ironically, Jeff wasn't able to make it the first official ApologetiX concert in March 1992 at the Paradise Club in Irwin. He had a prior commitment, and the band did a semi-unplugged/undrummed set. Jeff's house was the site for ApologetiX practices during his time with the band, and he kept us well-nourished with a variety of fruit juices.

Jeff was the official timekeeper for the band in those days, and not just as the drummer. He also let us know when practice was official over with his familiar falsetto cries of "Sleep time!" and "All right, you've had your fun ... now get out!!!"

Although he doesn't play on any ApologetiX CDs, Jeff did play on our original cassettes, "Get Your Wigs," "Parable Guy" and "Want It Dead or Alive?" He also did some background vocals on our "Isn't Wasn't Ain't" cassette from 1993, which was reissued as a limited edition CD in 2003. He also sang lead (doing three-part harmony with J. and Karl) on the band's cover of the old Imperials hit "Eagle Song," on the rare occasions when they performed it "live."

Jeff also goes by the nicknames "Pak-man" and "Count Pakula." Just don't call him "Duffy"! We see him from time to time and he occasionally comes to ApologetiX concerts in Pittsburgh. We've also heard he recently got engaged, and we wish him the best.