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Who is David McKee?

David McKee is like the Sphinx in the movie "Mystery Men." He's mysterious ... terribly mysterious.

Although he only played drums for ApologetiX at two concerts (in the fall/winter of 1998), David played all of the drums on the "Jesus Christ Morningstar" CD and is featured on the back of the CD case and in the CD booklet.

Believe it or not, David practiced with the band only once before entering the studio with us to record "Jesus Christ Morningstar"! You can hear his voice shouting us in at the beginning of the studio version of "Love & Kisses." His musical talents were formidable, and he immediately charmed us with his sharp wit, his ability to play his drums barefoot and his penchant for filming himself in the studio and in concert.

ApologetiX first heard legends of the mysterious McKee in whispered tones from Scott "Scotto" Gilbert and Bill Hubauer, who at the time were both playing with Ten Point Ten and doing a number of concerts together with ApologetiX. All three men were musician's musicians in the Mr. Mister mold. They had previously played together in a hairspray-fueled Toto/Kansas tribute band in the 1980's, which sadly broke up one day when the band members looked at each other and said, "I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore, Toto." Their farewell album, featuring cover versions of "Tin Man" by America, "Rain on the Scarecrow" by John Cougar-Mellencamp," and "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" by Elton John, sadly never materialized.

Ozzfest's loss was ApologetiX's gain, as David, Bill and Scotto all eventually played key roles for ApologetiX, with Bill assuming keyboard duties alongside David on "Morningstar" (and ever since) and Scotto playing the role of Keith Haynie's stunt double for a few concerts in 2001.

David currently lives with his family in State College PA. He keeps in close touch with Bill and even sat in with us when we played in Maine (where he was living at the time) in 2004 and when we played in State College in 2012.