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When did "Weird Al" Yankovic's drummer play with ApologetiX?

Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz has been Weird Al Yankovic's drummer and webmaster for about 25 years now, and he played on seven tracks on our "Biblical Graffiti" CD, two of which are also featured on "New & Used Hits: The Best of ApologetiX Vol. 1 & 2."

We spent a long-but-fun day with Jon in the summer of 1999. We had lunch at Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh, and the rest of the day (into the wee hours of the next morning) was spent in the studio. He was gracious, funny, patient and very professional. Furthermore, his drumming was excellent.

For the record, the songs on "Biblical Graffiti" that Jon played on are: "One Way," "Second Timothy," "Revelation Man," "Fast Paul," "Crazy Little King God Loves," "Armageddon Valley Someday," and "Enter Samson."

Jon has kept in touch with us over the years via email, although we keep just missing each other at concerts. In 2002, we planned to meet up when we were scheduled to play in Milwaukee the same day as Al, (us in the afternoon and Al at night), but our concert was changed to a night concert at the last moment. in 2003, Jon invited us to see Al play in our hometown of Pittsburgh, but unfortunately, we were playing the same day in Al's (and Jon's) home state of California.

Here are Jon's comments on the "Adam Up" CD in January 2004:

"It is terrific! First-rate production and playing all around on 'Adam Up.' The albums just get better! Great choice of artists, new AND old, and 'Look Yourself' sounds a little familiar to me :) nice job on that! Congratulations on another terrific CD! Hope to see you if we get to Pittsburgh again this year, and if you're not also traveling!"

Here's what Jon wrote to us about our "New & Used Hits" CD in December 2004:

"Got the new Best Of CD, and it's terrific! The live stuff is great, and the new parodies as well. I have to admit, lately I get most of my new music through either Al's parodies... or yours! Oh sure, I know AC/DC and GNR and the like, but Maroon 5 and Fountains of Wayne are new to me. Nice version of the Jet song, that's one I happen to know. Tell Bill his playing has never been better... and I mean that in a good way!

I see you've been busy on tour as well... I'll do my best to make it to the next L.A. area show.

I hope everyone's Christmas is the Merriest, and New Year's the Happiest!

Jon Schwartz

PS: Oh yeah, the new site design looks great!"