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When was ApologetiX in DJ Times Magazine?

Jeff Stiles from Noize Magazine contacted us in early February 2002 with his two cents worth on Keep the Change and notified us that we were featured in his article in the February 2002 issue of the international publication DJ Times Magazine:

"Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I've got a paragraph on ApologetiX in a story that's published in the current (February) issue of the international music publication DJ Times Magazine, which can be located at any major newsstand (and in a couple weeks will be available online on our site at Plus, there's a review of your last CD in the current online issue of Noize Magazine"

Here's the text of the review:
"While on their previous five projects Apologetix proved their were clever, on their newest release this Christian parody band proves they're also good musicians. They do take some liberties (i.e. a keyboard solo on "Old Time Romans Road"?), but overall the songs sound much like the originals with Bible-based lyrics substituted. Everyone from Nine Days to Blink 182 to Limp Bizkit to AC/DC to Lynard Skynard to Queen to the Beatles get covered-19 full songs in all from 18 different artists. "Bethlehem Rhapsody" is the only repeat here from an earlier Apologetix release (this particular parody from the group's 1994 release, Biblical History Tour). The most realistic-sounding parodies would have to be "Stay in the LIght" (Bee Gees) and "The Real Sin Savior" (Eminem). Check out the group's website for complete song listings from each of the group's six releases."