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Who is B.J. Collins?

Before Bill Hubauer, there was ... B.J. Collins, who played keyboards on our "Ticked" CD and on two of the tracks on "Jesus Christ Morningstar" -- "Fakey Shaky Parts" and "Jesus (Sermon on the Mount)" (Bill Hubauer played keyboards on the other tracks.) You can see a picture of B.J. in the CD booklet for "Morningstar," next to the photo of Bill Hubauer.

A founding member of the progressive Christian rock band (Boy, we sure do make use of members from progressive Christian rock bands, don't we?) 70x7, B.J. first met the band when J. saw an ad he posted at the local Christian & Missionary Alliance Church. The two bands later played several concerts together, and that opened the door for B.J. filling in on keyboards on the "Ticked" CD in 1997.

An interesting note: B.J. is the man who suggested Bill Rieger to ApologetiX as a fill-in drummer in the fall of 1998. Both men had previously played in local country bands. Although Bill's schedule didn't allow him to become a full-time member of ApologetiX at the time, he did fit in amazingly well and played five concerts with the band from November 1998-February 1999. Ironically, when Bill's schedule cleared up, Fred Behanna was already our full-time drummer, and Bill wound up playing drums in 70x7 with B.J. After Fred left in January 2001, Bill auditioned for ApologetiX and became our full-time drummer in March 2001.