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Can you give me some tips for starting my own Christian band?

Best wishes on your endeavors to start a band.

Here are some tips we've given to others who've asked us the same question:

1. Make sure you always have the attitude that you don't care if you ever get famous or rich, you just want to share the message of the Gospel and
serve the Lord.

2. Read your Bibles and pray every day. If you're going to sing about the Lord, you need to know His Word well and to talk with Him every day.

3. Take every opportunity you can get to play, whether it's going to be a lot of people or just a couple and whether it's going to pay or not. We played a ton of very small concerts and played for many years for free. Christian coffee houses and church talent shows/programs are a great place to start.

4. Make sure all of the band members are committed Christians and not just going along for the ride. Being in a band with other people is tough
enough. Make sure you all share the same faith.

5. Practice, practice, practice!

Best wishes to you!