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What did Christianity Today say about ApologetiX?

Our "best of" CD, "New & Used Hits" was reviewed by Christianity Today's online publication in January 2005. While we're honored that our efforts have garnered such attention, the review was a mixed bag.

The good news is that Christianity Today likes our newest stuff:

"These guys have nonetheless improved with time, evidenced by the newer songs on the first disc. Spoofs like 'The Voice of Sodom' (Don Henley), 'It's Not Eden' (Five for Fighting), and 'It's Tough' (Maroon 5) reveal wittier lyrics from J. Jackson, and his vocal impersonations are in many instances almost uncanny. Amazing that the same band and singer can accurately mimic both The B-52's and Guns 'n' Roses—and rebound from such a shaky career start."

The bad news is they HATED our older stuff, as is evidenced by the last half of the last sentence in the quote above :)

They also wonder aloud: "Essentially a cover band, you have to wonder how much interest and replay value there is here. Do most non-Christians appreciate the scriptural humor? Does the majority of Apologetix's target audience recognize the mainstream songs being covered? And even Weird Al's parodies grow tired with repeat listens. Suffice to say, you already know whether or not this is for you."

To sum things up, the publication says: "At a glance the early material of Apologetix is pretty amateur, but the band has gotten better with their musical parodies in recent years."

As our bass player, Keith Haynie always says, "You take the good, you take the bad and there you have ..." At least they like our newer stuff, and say we're improving with age.

If you'd like to see the whole review, please go to:

The publication received such a response to the article that they did a follow-up interview with ApologetiX lead singer and lyricist J. Jackson, which posted on February 14, 2005.

Here's the link:
ApologetiX lead singer and lyricist J. Jackson was interviewed last week by Christianity Today's online publication at That interview was posted online on February 14. Here's the link: