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Was ApologetiX on the Howard Stern Show?

ApologetiX parodies have indeed been played and discussed on the Howard Stern Radio show on four different occasions (each time Howard played a few parodies), the first being in late 2001. We have never spoken with Howard personally nor have we been interviewed on his show. We'd have to think and pray before agreeing to do something like that.

As far as we know, the most recent instance of our parodies being played on Stern's show, our "Adam Up" CD was featured on the show in January 2004. We're not regular listeners to the show, but from what we've heard, the first time Howard played us, he pretty much mocked the whole thing (that's par for the course with Howard, though), and he seems to have mellowed with each successive time. Here's a report of the show that was posted by a person who chronicles every Howard Stern radio broadcast:

"Howard had an album that someone sent in where a band takes popular songs and turns them into religious songs by changing the lyrics. Howard played a couple of tracks and Robin thought he was joking. He said it was no joke and the band Apologetix really does this. Their album is called 'Adam Up.'" He said he has to take the CD home and listen to it."

Whether he was serious or not, we thought it was interesting that Howard would mention taking the CD home and listening to it. God's word never comes back void and nobody is too "out there" for God to reach. In fact, we discuss both of those topics on "Adam Up" in the songs "Wherever You Will Sow" and "Lazy Brain."