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Who are TNT?

TNT are Tom Milnes and Tom Tincha, the two newest members of ApologetiX. Both are lead guitarists and both joined the band in the fall of 2008.

TNT (short for "Tom n' Tom") combine to provide a new twin-guitar attack for ApologetiX. They also provide background vocals for the band. They're dyn-o-mite!

The talents of both Toms can be heard in concert and on pre-released tracks of the upcoming 16th ApologetiX CD, Recovery.

Although there are now six members in the band, ApologetiX generally tours with five members at a time, including both Toms. Keyboardist/producer Bill Hubauer scaled back his touring with the band to focus on producing. He now appears with the band mainly when one of the Toms can't make it.

Tom MIlnes lives in Ellwood City PA with his wife Barb. He has a married daughter, Sheila, and a teenaged son, Eric.

Tom Tincha lives in Butler PA and has two teenage daughters, Shannon and Hannah.

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