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What's the story behind Easter Standard Time?

Like most of our CD titles, Easter Standard Time has multiple meanings.

We had considered assembling a collection of old standards (previously released ApologetiX songs) about Passion Week and Easter, but the older songs didn't match our current standards for production. So we decided to rerecord them.

However, we also had other Easter-oriented parodies written over the years that we'd been waiting to record for the first time — songs dealing with parts of the story we hadn't covered before.

Then we wrote more parodies to fill in the gaps. We decided to present the songs in the order in which the events they describe happened (standard time).

The United States uses Eastern Standard Time to tell people when the sun rose on a particular day, so we're using Easter Standard Time to tell people when the Son rose on a spectacular day.

This CD is what we had in mind when we made Jesus Christ Morningstar in 1998; we just didn't have enough songs about Passion Week and the Resurrection to tell the whole story or fill a whole CD. Now we do.

We're excited to see this project reach fruition. But if it brings those who hear it into a deeper relationship with Christ, that will be the real fruit. So you could say we're hoping this CD will turn a lot of Easter baskets into fruit baskets.