Crowd shot masthead ApologetiX Logo Keith Haynie plays bassBill Hubauer plays lead guitarJ. Jackson sings leadJimmy Vegas Tanner plays drums

What's the story behind Xit Ego Lopa?

Though the phrase is unfamiliar to most people, "xit ego lopa" (pronounced "EX-it EE-go LOH-pah") means "back to the beginning." It's a fitting title for our 50th CD, at the end of our 25th year, which feels like the completion of a cycle. This project goes back to the beginning in numerous ways:

We start with one of the first biblical parodies ApX lyricist J. Jackson ever wrote, "Ha-Bakk," a song played (in a more-primitive form) at our first concert, in 1992. Then you're invited to investigate the beginning of life itself on "No Exclusions," a parody we first tried (different lyrics, same theme) in '95.

You'll also hear revamped versions of three others from our early years, including "Once You See Truth, You Can't Unsee It," which we played at Keith Haynie's first show as ApX bassist in '95. And there's a new one about how God knew us from the beginning of time, "Known from the Beginning."

The CD opens with a parody of "Get Back" and closes with a parody of "Beginnings," so it truly goes from "Back" to the "Beginning." Of course, we hope to be back with more parodies on a 51st CD, and we're already beginning to record those. Till then, we hope you enjoy Xit Ego Lopa.