Crowd shot masthead ApologetiX Logo Keith Haynie plays bassBill Hubauer plays lead guitarJ. Jackson sings leadJimmy Vegas Tanner plays drums

What's the story behind, Apolog80s: Back from the Future?

We could have called this CD "The Brown Album," because it includes parodies of Bobby Brown and Jackson Browne. However, since it's the third installment in the trilogy of 80's albums ApologetiX made in 2021, we wanted to finally put a reference to that decade in the title. Apolog80s was too good to pass up.

We added the Back from the Future part because we're back from the future with another batch of 80's parodies and this CD moves backward from the future, putting the parodies in reverse chronological order of when the songs they spoofed were originally released.

Consequently, it starts with a song from 1989 and finishes with one from 1980. In between, we spoof songs from every year of the 80's but 1987. Not that we have anything against '87, mind you. And after this CD, we're going back even further, to the 70's, so it's kind of like gradually depressurizing the cabin of an airplane.

Many of us who lived through the 80's would love to go back from the future and change some things we did back then. Unfortunately, we can't undo the past, but we can redo the songs. More importantly, God can and will forgive our sins and cause all things to work together for good in our lives (Romans 8:28).