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What happened to Bill Rieger's hair?

ApologetiX fans who have followed the band through Bill Rieger's tenure as drummer (2001-05) witnessed a steady progression of hairstyles on his first three albums with ApologetiX. A progressive rocker at heart, Bill is also progressive at hair.

First there was the spiked brown hair on "Keep the Change" (2001), then the flaming red hair on "Grace Period" (2002), and finally the "Look Ma, No Hair" approach with accompanying glasses and goatee on "Adam Up" (2003).

How did this startling metamorphosis come about? As the saying goes, truth is stranger than fiction. After going through the red shift in 2002, Bill decided to dye his hair blue. Unfortunately, in a scene reminiscent of Lex Luthor's mishap in the Superman comic books, something went disastrously wrong. Instead of a shock rock blue, Bill's hair turned bingo-playing-old-lady blue.

As much as he enjoyed playing the ApologetiX song "Smooth Grandmama," Bill didn't want to look the part, so he trimmed the sides and opted for a mohawk. Then he showed the new style to his wife. "Uh uh," she said. And that was the last of the Mohawkian. Bill got rid of the "Grandmama" but kept the "Smooth."

Look for Bill on the upcoming Fox-TV special "When Good Drummers Go Bald."