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Does ApologetiX know "Weird Al" Yankovic?

We met "Weird Al" Yankovic briefly after a concert in the summer of 1999, and you can see a picture of us with him (He's even wearing an ApologetiX shirt) in the CD booklet for our "Biblical Graffiti" CD, released later that year. There were a lot of people waiting to talk to Al, and he didn't have much time to talk, but he did say "You guys do fabulous work."

He also sent us the following video on our 15th anniversary in 2007:

Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz has been Al's drummer and webmaster for about 30 years now, and he played on seven tracks on our "Biblical Graffiti" CD, two of which are also featured on "New & Used Hits: The Best of ApologetiX Vol. 1 & 2." For more information on that, check out the FAQ that titled "When did Weird Al's drummer play with ApologetiX?"