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Can parodies produce positive results?

Here's what ApologetiX lyricist J. Jackson had to say about the subject in an interview with HM Magazine in 2004:

"I cannot tell you how many hundred or thousands of testimonies I have heard
of how God has used our parodies for His glory: People have become born
again Christians, recommitted themselves to Christ, led others to Christ, memorized Bible verses, been encouraged through rough times, and even
averted suicide after hearing one of our parodies. And it's not us; it's
the Holy Spirit choosing to work through us and our foolish little parodies.

But if they're good enough for Him to use, why should we care if they're
good enough for the critics? Whose opinion really matters here?

One song we did that was pro-Christ and anti-suicide was a spoof of a
Nirvana song, and on two separate occasions in Australia, this song was
played on the air and people who were contemplating suicide called and asked
for help. Each time, the person (one was a young man and one was a young
woman) were led through the prayer of salvation and hooked up with a local
church. The Australian DJ who related these incidents to me told me a few
years later that the young man is now studying to be a pastor. That kind of
stuff more than makes up for any criticism we might face, you know?"