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Does ApologetiX get much negative feedback?

Here's what ApologetiX lyricist J. Jackson had to say about the subject in an interview with HM Magazine in 2004:

What's the harshest criticism/insult you've ever heard in regards to your band? How did you respond? What would you add to or alter your response now?

Unprintable stuff in a Christian magazine, no kidding. You can't imagine how harsh some people can be when hiding behind the seeming anonymity of the Internet. We get three types of criticism: The first is from certain Christians who hate all rock music and think it's of the devil. The second is from kids who can't believe we had the audacity to touch their favorite song. The third is from artsy Christians who feel we've violated their standards of artist integrity.

With all that being said, though, I'd say we've had a 99% positive response to our music from both Christians and non-Christians. We've received thanks and encouragement from pastors, church leaders, teachers and missionaries from the whole spectrum of Christian denominations and from all over the world ... and I'm talking about believers and not just people going through the motions.

That's been important to me, because if what we were doing didn't sit well with the pastors, church leaders, teachers and missionaries,I'd have to take a much harsher look at what we do. But we've been at this for over 12 years and have played in hundreds of churches and have had airplay on hundreds of radio stations and have distributed many thousands of CDs, so I think I can gauge response pretty well.