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Is parody really an art form?

Here's what ApologetiX lyricist J. Jackson had to say about the subject to "HM" magazine in 2004:

Parody has actually been around since the days of ancient Greece; it didn't spring out of nowhere. Art takes many forms to suit many tastes. I don't know many people who like both Norman Rockwell and Pablo Picasso or Rembrandt and Andy Warhol. Some people like parody and some don't.

We've just found that parody is an excellent medium for teaching the Gospel and reaching the lost. Jesus called His disciples to be fishers of men. We just use familiar tunes and humor as the bait. Humor disarms people and allows you to hit them with a serious message afterward. That's why they use funny scenes before the scary scenes in horror or before the tear-jerker scenes in drama.

Mary Poppins said it best, "A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down."