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Chart History
From the album Welcome Interstate Managers, Stacy's Mom was a #21 Pop, 31 Modern Rock hit for Fountains of Wayne in 2003.

Adam Schlesinger & Christopher Collingwood

J's Journal:
Mary's son, Jesus, is growing up, as shown here at age 12 in the temple and later at Cana. I got the idea for this one in December 2003 while listening to one of the NOW CDs that had it and "The Boys of Summer" by the Ataris. I was driving on the Pennsylvania Turnpike with my two youngest daughters, Heather and Kelly, at the time. After Jesus is presented in the temple, the Bible only recounts one story from His childhood -- the time spent in the temple when He was 12. His first miracle occurs at the Wedding Feast of Cana. Both of these events happen in chapter 2 of a Gospel, Luke and John, respectively. Both accounts have Him saying rather surprising things to His mother. They fit nicely into the theme of the song, Jesus growing up as His mother watches in amazement. Although this is one of our most popular parodies and has gotten phenomenal response we've had a couple of people ask us if we thought it was disrespectful to refer to Jesus as "J.C." I think that's a matter of conscience. I believed that God gave me the idea for the song, but I did consider that and prayerfully considered it when I wrote the song. Obviously, we believe that Jesus Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords and worthy of all respect. Other famous world leaders have been referred to by their initials (e.g. FDR, JFK). Jesus has also been referred to in pop culture as J.C. in a number of famous musical things, including "Jesus Christ Superstar," Larry Norman's "Upon This Rock" (recognized as the first Christian rock album), and I believe in some Christian rap.
Genre: Pop
Length: 3:17

JC's Mom
Parody of "Stacy's Mom" by Fountains of Wayne
(Luke 2:41-52; John 1:1-14, 2:1-11)

JC’s mom has got a growin’ son
JC’s mom has got a growin’ son
JC’s mom has got a growin’ son
JC’s mom has got a growin’ son
JC caused a commotion in chapter 2 (that’s in Luke)
When He did hang around at the tem-ple (way past curfew)
Did His mom get mad?
Probably bit her lip (then she said)
“Jesus, dear, oh, are you trying to worry us sick?” (He’s just a kid)
You know, He’s not the little boy that He used to be
Her son’s growin’ up now wait and then you’ll see
JC’s mom has got a growin’ son
His bar mitzvah will here before too long
JC’s not 13, but He’ll save the world for me
I know He might be young but time will come when JC’s grown
JC’s mom has got a growin’ son
JC’s mom has got a growin’ son
JC’s crew would attend a wedding later on (that’s in John)
His mom came out and said, “The wine is all gone” (Now what, Son)
“Why you’d tell Me like that, Mother,” JC stared (waiting there)
“Anyway,” He said, “you know I’m not quite prepared (it’s not over yet)
And I know that the drinking guests were panicky
But JC had some fountains of wine moved to Galilee
JC’s mom has got a growing son
Made wine from water at Cana but hold on
Grape juice or Chablis that’s just not the point for me
I know it won’t be long till time is up and JC’s grown
JC’s mom had God’s begotten Son
The promised One that we’ve waited for so long
Take a look and read John 1:1 through verse 14
I know it won’t be long till time is up and JC’s grown, oh oh
JC’s grown, oh oh, JC’s grown, oh oh
JC’s deity; He’s just not yet 33
I know it won’t be long till time is up and JC’s grown

Luke 2:51-52
Then he went down to Nazareth with them and was obedient to them. But his mother treasured all these things in her heart. And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.

©2004 Parodudes Music, Inc.