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Chart History
From the album Hybrid Theory, In the End was a #2 Pop hit for Linkin Park in 2001.

Linkin Park

J's Journal:
I got the idea for this song in the shower, and I remember working on it right after we bought our used 2000 Dodge Caravan, and also on the street where my wife's grandmother used to live. Some Linkin Park fans have taken offense at the fact that we spoofed "In the End." They ask why we felt it necessary to change the words to what they consider to be a perfectly good song both musically and lyrically. Granted, there are many, many songs that we spoof that have appalling lyrics in their original form. But thatís not the primary reason we spoof them. We do this because we specialize in parodies. It's a talent God has given us, and we like to spoof all forms of music. We're not saying that Linkin Parkís original version is bad or immoral, although it is pretty sad. The singer is bitter and despondent (ďin the end, it doesnít really matter") over his former girlfriend/lover who treated him bad. In the end, nobody wins in that song. When we decided to spoof that song, I thought about that song and how both of them probably thought they had loved each other at one time in the past, and in the end, neither one really did; she treated him wrong, and he ends up bitter with nothing really good to say about her. I thought about our concept today of love and how itís so different from what the Bible says real love is like. Real love is patient, kind, isnít jealous, doesnít keep a record of wrongs, etc. It's a startling contrast and that makes for good parody. Plenty of people like our parody, "Corinthians," but itís O.K. if you donít. We understand your feelings (if it hurts you when you think somebody is making fun of Linkin Park, imagine how we feel as millions make fun of Jesus Christ and Christianity), but we did want you to know that we're not trying to make fun of Linkin Park or say that their original song isnít good.
Genre: Modern Rock
Length: 3:35

Parody of "In the End" by Linkin Park
(1 Cor. 13)

It starts with love
Young thing -- I don't know why
You didn't read the letter our Lord supplied
With that in mind I revised this rhyme to explain to you guys all I know
Love is a wonderful thing
Watch the fly guys with the Benjamins sing
Watch the countdown that the MTV plays I got ticked by the way
It's so unreal -- Britney and Jennifer Lo
Watch the wardrobe -- looks like a window
Tryin' to hold on to itty bitty clothes
You pasted them on -- this is not true love
I guess everything's a hybrid breeding love and pride
In small jealous hearts
What it gets to be is essentially just a parody
Like this rhyme is of Linkin Park
You tried so hard -- but love's so far
Corinthians -- it doesn't even matter
If love's too small -- you lose it all
Corinthians -- first letter, thirteenth chapter
Love waits -- it's also kind
It doesn't envy, brag, or grow hard with pride
Keeps things polite, doesn't like to fight
It denies itself, while it tries no harm
If I have the faith and philosophy
Acting like I was smarter than Socrates
And every language and tongue and prophecy
I could die and not go far
If at the stake they burned me or
I could've given every dime to many poor
If love's lackin' throw me back then
Buddy, Paul wrote that to Corinthians
It bears everything, besides, believes and hopes, abides
That Paul fella's smart
Love he said to me will eventually keep no memory
Of your crimes 'cause it finds no fault
It likes what's just and true
Dislikes what's unrighteous though
Failure is the only one thing it can't know
The things that last are few
Just have faith and love and hope
From all these, there's only one thing you need most

1 Cor. 13:13
And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

©2002 Parodudes Music, Inc.