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Chart History
From the album Original Soundtrack for Grease, Grease was a #1 Pop hit for Frankie Valli in 1978.

Barry Gibb

Guest Stars
Krista Haynie, female vocals
J's Journal:
A senior high student explains that if you really want to stand out in todayís schools, ďGreaseĒ isnít the word; Jesus is. I had the idea for "Jesus the Word" for many years before we finally decided to turn into a full-fledged song. Karl and I were both big fans of the "Grease" movie when we were kids. Part of this song was written on a trip to San Jose CA for the concert we did at Spirit West Coast in late July 2003.
Genre: Disco
Length: 3:21

The Word
Parody of "Grease" by Frankie Valli
(John 1:1-14, 14:6; Ephesians 2:8)

I solve math problems at my senior high
We got a hundred things we gotta read and write
There ainít no gangs like Grease and no cool cars
Itís hard to be real wild but we can teach you the art
Itís in the Word
They think our Lord is just a ball and chain
Why donít they understand Ė itís just their pride and shame
They live for science only He is real
Just got to find right now Ė the God that Jesus revealed
Jesus, the Word
Jesus, the Word, Heís the Word as you've heard
Weíve got proof itís Godís Spirit
He is the life, He's the way, He's the Logos
Now these things we base on experience
He came in flesh and then He chose to stay
Condemned to Calvary, rose on that blest third day
There is a choice that we can make if weíre smart
We start believing now and He can redo our hearts
Receive the Word
Yes the Word, yes the Word, as youíve heard
Itís not a ruse, itís not teasing
Jesus the Christ is the face of the Most High
Now this is the day to receive Him
They say that lifeís evolution
Thatís just a subtle atheist excuse
What are we doing here?
We make confession and He shows the way
No technicalities, no long-term debts to pay
There is a plan so we get saved from the fall
Letís start to read it now; itís in Ephesians, you all
Grace is the word
Grace is a word thatís conferred undeserved
Itís not you, itís not me, then
Grace is divine, itís through faith, thereís no boasti
Now read in 2:8 in Ephesians
Research the Word, yes the Word that you heard
Itís God's truth, itís Godís teaching
(Itís the truth, I mean it)
This is the time, itís the place, itís the moment
Now Jesus is waiting receive Him
Jesus, the Word, yes the Word, yes the Word Ö

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