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as of August 22, 2014

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08.22.143 New Downloads for a Donation
08.22.14Our 2 Latest CDs for the Price of One
08.22.14APX Helps Teens Fight Drug Addiciton
08.22.14APX a Big Hit at Retirement Party
08.22.14How to Donate Online or By Mail
08.22.14Ontario Fan Learns Bible Books with APX
08.22.14Wiccan's Daughter Accepts Christ, Loves APX
08.15.14Come See New Parodies Debuted in Concert
08.15.14Canadian Finds Christ After Finding APX
08.15.14God Uses Parody to Restore Lives
08.15.14APX Interview in Oakland CA Publication
08.15.14Clues for Our Next Single (3 Songs)
08.15.14Current Needs and Upcoming Plans
08.07.14New Book Includes APX Lead Singer's Testimony
08.06.1417 Sets of Downloads for a Donation
08.06.14Fan Gets Healed, Doctors Get Saved
08.06.14New Beatles & Pat Benatar Parodies
07.31.14Parodies Minister to Muslims in Australia
07.31.14Clues to Our Next Single (Due This Weekend)
07.26.14This Wkd: Free Concert in OH
07.24.14ApologetiX Returns to Green Bay This Fall
07.24.14New CD Deal Extended Till This Sunday Nite
07.24.14New Single: Old Man & Fearful
07.24.14Parodies Help Many Mentally Ill Australians
07.20.14CD in Stock: Sale Ends Soon
07.18.14A Sneak Preview of Our Next Single
07.17.14Tasmania Isn't Just for Devils Anymore
07.17.14Our Latest Big Breakdown: No Bus Required
07.09.14Our Last 2 CDs are Finally on MP3
07.09.142 New Female-Vocal Parodies for a Donation
07.09.14Planning Your Trip Through the Bible
07.03.14Clues to the Songs on Our Next Single
06.27.14Fans Review Our New Single
06.27.14Next CD Near Completion
06.27.14Texan Celebrates 64th B'day with APX
06.27.14Dad Teaches Sons with APX Songs
06.27.14Twisted Sister & Doobie Bros. Parodies for Donation
06.22.14Half Off Sale Extended
06.19.14Clues for Our Upcoming Downloads
06.19.14How in the World Did We Hear from Holland?
06.19.14Missionary Learns Fundraising from APX?
06.19.14APX Helps Lead Over 20,000 to the Lord
06.18.14Accident Victim Encourages APX
06.11.14A Dozen Other Downloads for a Donation
06.11.14New MP3s: Fly Like Ezekiel & Hell Smells
06.11.14Deaf Teens Sing & Dance to APX
06.11.14Other Songs Nearing Completion
06.11.14Didn't the Apostle Paul Have a Side Job?
06.11.14Mind if We Call You Theophilus?
06.11.14Will the 2014 Downloads Ever Be on CD?
06.04.14Clues to Our Next 2 Downloads
06.04.14Reaching & Teaching 10,000 Miles Away
05.29.14This Wkd: Virginia
05.29.14Encouragement from England
05.29.1411 Other Downloads for Donations
05.29.142 New Downloads for a Donation
05.29.14Fans Review Elton John & Kenny Loggins Parodies
05.22.14She Hates Appeals But Loves ApologetiX
05.22.14What's Next in Our Downloads Series?
05.22.14Get Our Last 2 CDs on MP3 with Any Donation
05.22.14This Friday: New York
05.15.14Fans Review New Moose Tracks MP3s
05.15.14Pastoral Parody Makes Michigan Minister's Day
05.15.14APX Provides Soundtrack to New York Pastor's Life
05.14.143 New Downloads: Moose Tracks
05.08.14Free Songbook With Any Donation
05.08.14ApologetiX Show Saturday Near Pittsburgh
05.08.14Encouragement from Missionaries to Turkey & Thailand
05.08.14Two More Shows This Month
05.01.14Studio Update: The Hits Keep Coming
04.30.14We Need Help Again What's Going on?
04.30.14Why is it Called "Gimme Some Sign"?
04.30.143 New Parodies for a Donation
04.17.14Get Our New Songbook + 2 Free Albums
04.17.14More Female Vocals on APX Songs?
04.17.14Fans Review Molly Hatchet & No Doubt Parodies
04.17.14Passion Playlist for Easter
04.17.14New Downloads: Female Vocals, Next Gen APX & Southern Rock
04.02.14How to Donate Online or By Mail
04.02.14Get Any 5 Albums on MP3 for $19.99
04.02.14APX Radio Interview in Scotland Thursday
04.02.14New Show Added in NY
04.02.14Keeping the Main Thing the Maine Thing
04.02.14This Weekend: 2 in Southern CA
03.31.14Best Sale Ever Ends Tuesday
03.27.14APX Settles in Another Canadian Province
03.27.14Missionaries to Mexico Enjoy ApologetiX
03.27.14Barry Marshall: Another Friend Gone to Glory
03.20.14New Fan in Nigeria
03.19.14ApologetiX in the Holy Land
03.18.14Fans Review Tom Petty & Steely Dan Parodies
03.15.14New Downloads: Rollin' in the Yeast, I Want That Crown
03.13.14More Tunes Coming Soon
03.13.14Remember "Rain Man"? Read This!
03.13.14Bagpiper Believes in ApologetiX
03.13.14APX Helped Single Dad Teach Daughter, Reach Others
03.06.14Fans Review "Devil Fell/Calling Dr. Luke"
03.06.14New APX Videos from Green Bay WI
03.06.14Tracey Gray Makes Our Day
03.06.14APX Allies in Canada & Mexico

ApologetiX Keyboardist Featured on TV News
Wed., Sep. 21. 2011 10:36pm EDT

ApologetiX keyboardist Todd Waites was the feature of a three-minute news segment by Cleveland NBC affiliate WKYC this past Wednesday, September 20.

The story detailed Todd's inspiring story of cancer survival and included an interview and footage from the recent ApologetiX Concert in Westlake OH.

To see it for yourself, go to: