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as of December 21, 2014

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12.18.14Fan's Daughter Cleared of Cancer
12.18.14ApologetiX Needs Help for the Holidays Again
12.18.14Buy 1 Get 1 Autographed CDs Ends Sunday
12.18.14Order Soon for Delivery By Christmas Eve
12.18.14Order Soon for Christmas Delivery
12.18.14The Story Behind the Cover of Apoplectic
12.18.14How Do the Amish Feel About ApologetiX?
12.18.14New Parody Downloads: 38 Special, Simon & Garfunkel
12.18.14We Get the Nicest Unsubscribe Requests
12.18.14From Another Missionary in China
12.18.14From a Missionary in China
12.14.1424 Other Sets of Downloads for a Donation
12.09.14How the Grinch Girl Stole Hanukkah
12.07.14Free Christmas CD Deal Ends Tonight
12.04.14Autographed Singles Group & Loaded 45s CDs
12.04.14New Apoplectic CD Now in Stock
12.04.14All-New Holiday Downloads for a Donation
12.04.14How to Donate Online or By Mail
12.04.14New Christian Says APX Helps Him Focus
12.04.14APX Guitarist Ranked in Top 50 All Time
11.28.14New CD in Stock, Free Christmas CDs, Autographed CDs
11.28.14Clues for Our New Holiday Single
11.28.14Oklahoma Fan Really Gets Apoplectic
11.25.14You May Be Someone's MVP
11.24.14Apoplectic in Stock, Pre-Order Deal Ends Tonight
11.20.14Guest Guitarist Taught Tinch and He's Also a Pilot
11.20.14Fan Reviews & Video for Apoplectic CD
11.20.14This Wkd: 2 Shows in Green Bay WI
11.20.14Next CD Ships Soon, Order Before Deal Ends
11.20.14Sister Saved After APX Salt Lake City Show
11.15.14Synopsis of Each Song on Apoplectic
11.12.14Stories Behind the Other Songs on Apoplectic
11.12.14Stories Behind the New Songs on Apoplectic
11.12.14How Big Were the Hit Songs Spoofed on Apoplectic?
11.06.14Clues to the New Songs on Apoplectic CD
11.06.14Pre-Order Deal Coming Soon for Next CD, Apoplectic
11.06.14Singles Group/Loaded 45s Sale Ends Sun.
11.05.14Good News from England
10.30.14New Parody Downloads (Atheism & Evangelism)
10.30.14Mail from a Missionary in Bali, Indonesia
10.30.14How About Some More 80's Tunes?
10.30.14More Info on Our Next CD, Apoplectic
10.28.14A Sneak Preview of Our Next CD(s)
10.24.14Last Weekend in Philly & Rhode Island
10.24.14Encouragement from Nebraska
10.23.14Clues & Contents for Our Next Single
10.16.14Deep (Thoughts from) in the Heart of Texas
10.16.14Brand New 60s & 70's Downloads for Donation
10.16.14This Wkd in PA & RI
10.09.14Clues to Our Upcoming Single (Due This Wkd)
10.09.14Fan First Heard Gospel from Tom Milnes
10.02.14Witchcraft Testimony Encourages Fan
10.02.14New Queen & Robert Palmer Parodies
10.02.14"Choose Your Free CDs" Ends Sunday Nite
09.26.14Clues for This Weekend's Single
09.25.14Please Pray For Fan's Daughter
09.25.14Other Upcoming Shows in PA, RI & WI
09.25.14A Very Busy & Fruitful Week in the Studio
09.25.14Mother-in-law Saved from Witchcraft
09.21.14Double Deal on New CD Ends Tonight
09.18.14APX Invasion in England & Japan?
09.14.14New Beach Boys & Beatles Parodies for Donation
09.11.14They're Playing Our Song Not
09.11.14Serious & Amusing Unsubscribe Requests
09.11.14New Single This Wkd: What's On it?
09.11.14This Sunday: Local Show with 3 APX Guys
09.05.14From a Fan with Terminal Cancer
09.05.14Next CD Due Next Weekend
09.04.14New Shows Added in Philly & New England
09.01.142 Much-Requested Songs for a Donation
08.30.14Our 2 Latest CDs for the Price of 1: Ends Monday
08.28.14Free Rarities Downloads with Any Donation
08.28.14Free Songbook with Any Purchase
08.28.14What's on Our Next Single, This Weekend?
08.28.14Title & Release Date of Next CD
08.27.14He's Listened Daily for Over a Decade
08.27.14Pastor's Son Impacted by APX
08.24.14Prayers & Cards for Fan's Daughter
08.22.143 New Downloads for a Donation
08.22.14APX Helps Teens Fight Drug Addiction
08.22.14APX a Big Hit at Retirement Party
08.22.14Ontario Fan Learns Bible Books with APX
08.22.14Wiccan's Daughter Accepts Christ, Loves APX
08.15.14Come See New Parodies Debuted in Concert
08.15.14Canadian Finds Christ After Finding APX
08.15.14God Uses Parody to Restore Lives
08.15.14APX Interview in Oakland CA Publication
08.15.14Clues for Our Next Single (3 Songs)
08.15.14Current Needs and Upcoming Plans
08.07.14New Book Includes APX Lead Singer's Testimony
08.06.14Fan Gets Healed, Doctors Get Saved
08.06.14New Beatles & Pat Benatar Parodies
07.31.14Parodies Minister to Muslims in Australia
07.31.14Clues to Our Next Single (Due This Weekend)
07.26.14This Wkd: Free Concert in OH
07.24.14ApologetiX Returns to Green Bay This Fall
07.24.14New CD Deal Extended Till This Sunday Nite
07.24.14New Single: Old Man & Fearful
07.24.14Parodies Help Many Mentally Ill Australians
07.20.14CD in Stock: Sale Ends Soon

ApologetiX Keyboardist Featured on TV News
Wed., Sep. 21. 2011 10:36pm EDT

ApologetiX keyboardist Todd Waites was the feature of a three-minute news segment by Cleveland NBC affiliate WKYC this past Wednesday, September 20.

The story detailed Todd's inspiring story of cancer survival and included an interview and footage from the recent ApologetiX Concert in Westlake OH.

To see it for yourself, go to: