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as of March 26, 2015

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03.22.15"It Looks Just Like You Except It Has Green Skin"
03.18.15How to Donate Online or By Mail
03.18.15Easter CD in Stock (Buy 1 Get 1), Other CDs Half Off
03.18.15APX Goes to School on Class Picture Day
03.18.15New Shows in PA, NY, MA, Your Area?
03.18.15For Fans Who Fear They've Failed the Father
03.18.15Bill Hubauer Featured in Neal Morse Band Video
03.17.15More Pastoral Encouragement from Illinois
03.17.15APX Appreciation in Bolivia, South America
03.12.15New Easter CD in Stock: Buy 1, Get 1 Free, Hear it Now
03.12.15Half Off All CDs & Downloads (First Time in 8 Months)
03.12.15APX Needs Help & Prayers Again
03.12.15More Pastoral Encouragement from Texas
03.12.15Encouragement from France & Around the USA
03.12.15Newsletter Article Comforts Grieving Fan
03.12.15Pastor Plays APX Daily, Even at Funeral
03.05.15APX Joins Pittsburgh Steelers for Special Event
03.04.15Fan Had His Own Eddie Money Encounter
03.04.15What's on Easter Standard Time
03.04.15Eager Riegers Join Us for Easter
03.02.1530 Sets of Downloads for a Donation
02.27.15APX Changes Fan's Life & Poker Night in Calgary
02.26.15Monetary Exchange: The Day We Met Eddie Money
02.25.15Ohioan Appreciates APX ... Where's Waldo?
02.25.15APX Fans: Here's How to Answer the Haters
02.25.15Cat Couldn't Curtail Hubie's World Tour
02.22.152 New Parodies from the 70's & 80's
02.19.15Around the World with ApologetiX
02.19.15Clues for This Weekend's Single
02.19.15Yet Another APX Kid Featured on New CD
02.18.15Easter CD Progress Report
02.16.15Still Married Despite ApologetiX
02.12.15Psalms Come True: A Love Story & Testimony
02.11.15New Fan in Ireland Found APX on YouTube
02.11.15Fan Makes Illustrated Video for APX Quiet Riot Parody
02.10.15Introducing ... Grandpa "Vegas" Tanner
02.08.15New Parody MP3s (Macarena & Hendrix)
02.05.15Australian DJ & His Listeners Loves Last Single
02.05.15Clues for This Weekend's Single
02.05.15Fans Respond to Second Complete Library Offer
02.05.15APX Tune Inspires Village People Parody Video
02.05.15Letter from the Last Frontier
02.04.15Interview with the Quiet One: Keith Haynie
02.02.15It's Back: Get Our Complete Library for a Donation (Ends Sat. Nite)
01.29.15Get 3 of Our Latest CDs Free
01.29.15New Single Spoofs Fleetwood Mac, Brooks & Dunn
01.29.15Here's the Title & Theme of Our Upcoming Easter CD
01.28.15Mr. Whipple & ApologetiX: A Touching Testimony
01.28.15Beautiful New Video for "These Streams"
01.23.15Fan Video for Martin Luther King Jr. Day
01.23.15APX Keyboardist Now Pastors Local Church
01.23.15Clues for Our Next Single (Due This Weekend)
01.21.15Get Our Complete Library for a Donation (Ends Tonight)
01.14.15Hubie: New Album & World Tour with Morse & Portnoy
01.13.15Another Song About God?
01.12.15First Single of 2015: "Journey to Asia"
01.08.15Clues for Our First Single of 2015: Due This Wkd
01.08.15Nice News from North Carolina
01.08.15Prayers for APX Driver and Roadie Dan Uber
01.08.152 More Great Unsubscribe Emails
01.08.15Ray Comfort Loves ApologetiX, Posts Song Video
01.08.15New APX Fans on Omaha Indian Reservation
01.02.15End-of-Year Encouragement from All Over
01.02.15Two Deaths in the ApologetiX Family
01.02.15Our Latest Single: Peace and Quiet?
01.02.15Fan Mail from a Priest in Belgium
12.31.14Offer Your Prayer Video: New Year's Food for Thought
12.26.14Fans Review Our Previous CD, Apoplectic
12.26.14Fans Review Our Previous Single
12.26.14The Story Behind the Cover of Apoplectic
12.26.14Clues for Our Final Single of 2014
12.21.14Surprise! Our 4th CD of the Year is Here
12.18.14Fan's Daughter Cleared of Cancer
12.18.14ApologetiX Needs Help for the Holidays Again
12.18.14Buy 1 Get 1 Autographed CDs Ends Sunday
12.18.14Order Soon for Delivery By Christmas Eve
12.18.14Order Soon for Christmas Delivery
12.18.14How Do the Amish Feel About ApologetiX?
12.18.14New Parody Downloads: 38 Special, Simon & Garfunkel
12.18.14We Get the Nicest Unsubscribe Requests
12.18.14From Another Missionary in China
12.18.14From a Missionary in China
12.09.14How the Grinch Girl Stole Hanukkah
12.07.14Free Christmas CD Deal Ends Tonight
12.04.14Autographed Singles Group & Loaded 45s CDs
12.04.14New Apoplectic CD Now in Stock
12.04.14All-New Holiday Downloads for a Donation
12.04.14New Christian Says APX Helps Him Focus
12.04.14APX Guitarist Ranked in Top 50 All Time
11.28.14New CD in Stock, Free Christmas CDs, Autographed CDs
11.28.14Clues for Our New Holiday Single
11.28.14Oklahoma Fan Really Gets Apoplectic
11.25.14You May Be Someone's MVP
11.24.14Apoplectic in Stock, Pre-Order Deal Ends Tonight
11.20.14Guest Guitarist Taught Tinch and He's Also a Pilot
11.20.14Fan Reviews & Video for Apoplectic CD
11.20.14This Wkd: 2 Shows in Green Bay WI
11.20.14Next CD Ships Soon, Order Before Deal Ends
11.20.14Sister Saved After APX Salt Lake City Show
11.15.14Synopsis of Each Song on Apoplectic

ApologetiX Keyboardist Featured on TV News
Wed., Sep. 21. 2011 10:36pm EDT

ApologetiX keyboardist Todd Waites was the feature of a three-minute news segment by Cleveland NBC affiliate WKYC this past Wednesday, September 20.

The story detailed Todd's inspiring story of cancer survival and included an interview and footage from the recent ApologetiX Concert in Westlake OH.

To see it for yourself, go to: