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06.27.16New CD in Stock, Deal Ends Soon
06.24.16How to Donate Online or By Mail
06.23.16More About "The Man They Call Zechariah"
06.23.16New Video: Good Guys, Bad Guys
06.23.16New CD Coming Soon: Buy 1, Get 1 of 24 CDs Free
06.23.16Get Multiple Downloads for Any Size Donation
06.20.16New Parodies: 2 Big Ballads
06.17.16New Video: Proving My Religion
06.17.16The Story Behind "Minor League"
06.17.16Clues for Sunday's Single
06.09.16What's the Title of Our Next CD?
06.09.16Other Encounters at the Worship Seminar
06.09.16Here's a Great Quote from the Early Church
06.08.16Half Off Ends This Sunday
06.05.16New Single: 70's & 80's Rock Spoofs
06.04.16New Video: Born Above
06.04.16Clues for Our Sunday Single
05.31.16Half Off All CDs, DVDs, & MP3s
05.27.16Another Guitarist Joins the APX Effort
05.27.16Who is That George Elliott Guy?
05.24.16New 60s & 70s Spoofs
05.20.16Keith's Daughter's Getting Married This Weekend
05.20.16Encouragement from Longtime Fan in Nigeria
05.20.16Get Our Complete Library (Ends Saturday)
05.20.16Clues for Sunday Night's Single
05.19.16New Video: Corinthians
05.12.16New Video: Manifold
05.11.16Georgia Pastor Encourages APX
05.10.16APX Guitarist Becomes a Grandpa
05.09.16New Spoofs; #1 Hits of the 80's
05.06.16Parodies from the Pulpit on Palm Sunday
05.06.16Get the Complete APX Collection for a Donation
05.05.16Clues for This Weekend's Single
05.02.16ApologetiX Needs Help & Prayers
04.27.16Fan Gets Courage from APX Parody
04.26.16Get 2 New Songs or Our Complete Library
04.25.16New Parodies of Hits from '67 and '94
04.22.16Keith's Daughter's Getting Married Next Month
04.22.16Clues for Sunday's Single
04.20.16New Video: Bought by the Egyptians
04.20.16Another APX Alumnus Ordained
04.18.16Free DVD Offer Extended Till Wednesday
04.14.16New Video: Brash, Impulsive
04.10.16New Spoofs: Lynyrd Skynyrd & Steely Dan
04.09.16More Missionaries in Mexico Enjoy ApologetiX
04.09.16New Video: Pharaoh-noid
04.07.16Encouragement from Edmonton AB, Canada
04.07.16Two More Reasons Why We Love Michigan
04.07.16New Video: Set Him Free
04.07.16Clues for Our Upcoming Single
04.05.16APX Alum Gets Ordained
04.04.16New CD Special Ends Sunday Night
03.30.16Anonymous Prayer Request
03.30.16What Songs Are on Our New CD?
03.30.16Buy Our New CD, Get 1 of 23 CDs Free
03.30.16A Wonder from Down Under
03.30.16New Video: Complain
03.30.16Get Multiple Downloads for Any Size Donation
03.28.162 All-New Parodies: Frampton & The Firm
03.24.16Fan Gets Creative with His Extra ApologetiX CDs
03.24.16ApologetiX Easter Videos on YouTube
03.24.16What Makes Musical Ministry So Powerful
03.24.16Clues for Our Next Single
03.20.16What's on "Doves in Snakes' Clothing"
03.17.16Update on Our Next CD
03.17.16Fan with Depression Finds Joy in APX Songs
03.16.16New Video: Drop Your Knife and Hurry, Man
03.13.162 New 70's Spoofs from ApologetiX
03.11.16Encouragement from a Rescue Mission in KC
03.11.16What's the Scoop on Our Next CD
03.09.16Clues for Our Next Single
03.04.16Zechariah & Thomas: Behind the Music
03.03.16APX Bassist Hurts His Hand
03.01.16New Video: Bends to Low Places
03.01.16Fan Takes Songbook a Step Further
02.29.16New Spoofs: Steppenwolf & Pearl Jam
02.26.16New APX Songbook (1993-2015) Now Available
02.26.16ApologetiX Encyclopedia Coming Soon
02.25.16New Video: Big Deal
02.25.16Clues for Our Sunday-Night Single
02.19.16Out-of-Stock CDs Now Available as Downloads
02.19.16What Other Songs Are We Working on?
02.14.16New Single: J. Geils & Doors Spoofs
02.13.16Encouragement from India
02.13.165 More Reasons to Keep Apologizing
02.12.16Dad Uses APX Songbook as Family Devotional
02.12.16Clues for This Weekend's Single
02.10.16We Need Help, Get Our New Songbook & Encyclopedia
02.03.16Complete APX Library Offer Ends This Weekend
02.03.16New Spoofs: Paul McCartney & Nancy Sinatra
02.03.16Aussies Ask: Wasn't That APX We Heard at the Mall?
02.03.16Prayers for Lisa May, Update on Darryl Bartle
02.03.16New Songbook Could Arrive This Weekend
02.03.16Another Difference Between Moses & APX
02.03.16Dreams Fulfilled in VA & TX
02.03.16New Video: Fakey Shaky Parts
02.03.16Marine Introduced Many Others to APX
01.31.16New Spoofs: #1 Hits from '66 & '74
01.27.16APX from A-Z for 900+ Miles
01.27.16New Video: Little-Read Bible Book

ApologetiX Keyboardist Featured on TV News
Wed., Sep. 21. 2011 10:36pm EDT

ApologetiX keyboardist Todd Waites was the feature of a three-minute news segment by Cleveland NBC affiliate WKYC this past Wednesday, September 20.

The story detailed Todd's inspiring story of cancer survival and included an interview and footage from the recent ApologetiX Concert in Westlake OH.

To see it for yourself, go to: