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Enthusiastic Responses to Last Week's Newsletter
Fri., Dec. 11. 2020 7:26pm EST

Here are some excerpts from emails and messages we have received in support of last week's newsletter. To protect the identities of those people in the midst of this "cancel culture," we have not listed their names or cities, but we have listed their initials and sorted the responses by states in alphabetical order.

Many of these people wrote longer emails, but space does not allow us to include everything they said. However, we can assure you that what they said has not been taken out of context.


I just wanted to thank you for your recent newsletter about the situation in our country. You did a very good job explaining the evil we face as a nation. I completely agree with your assessment, and already follow many of the alternative sources of news you mentioned. These are tough times, but our God is greater than our problems!


Thank you!!! Along with you, I believe that is the most important newsletter you have written. I, like yourself, was never interested in politics until Jimmy Carter's weak presidency and hopelessness was overshadowed by another strong Christian leader who brought hope to America and was the original "Make America Great" president. That was President Ronald Reagan. He is, to my knowledge, the only president to write a book against abortion, while still in office. BUT, I have never seen anything that comes close to the opposition and hate of a good president as that of President Donald J. Trump. He, along with the Church, is the one person that is disrupting the Globalists' "Global Reset" from occurring right now.


Thank you so much for the many sources of alternative news. I've read your letters that you've attached. Amen, brother.

Thanks for your very astute take on the election fiasco (fraud) in your last newsletter. I was wondering what was going on with Fox News and just recently started looking at articles on Gateway Pundit and Remnant News online. Your many references to other news outlets will be very helpful as I've watched just a little of NewsMax previously and just realized that I had OAN on my Direct TV service. I just did a four-month promotional subscription to Epoch Times and have been impressed with it so far. Your reminder for prayer is important as I naturally have the tendency to try to follow what's going on and worry without lifting the situation up to God.

Thanks so much for your recent email. I am with you on this one for sure. I also never considered myself much of a conspiracy theorist (but have many friends who ARE), but the recent events have really made me skeptical about things I never was before. The thing that bothers me the most about what's going on with the news media, is that they seem to be untouchable. It seems that nobody can do anything about their lies. I know that ultimately our trust is in The Lord. He will never lie to us and all things are in His hands. But, what are we to do with our world and our media? Is this just the beginning of the end? Should we start looking for Jesus in the clouds?

That was one powerful newsletter! I loved it! There is so much going on right now and we can rest assured that God has this handled in a way that will blow minds everywhere.

All that I can say about your latest newsletter is "Wow." There is so much in your newsletter that it will likely take weeks for me to digest it all. Thank you for saying what you did.

My husband and I have been following what has been happening and are in agreement with you 100 percent! I say, "Gimme pretrib, gimme pretrib rapture, gimme pretrib or before!"


Enjoyed the post. They can try and hide the truth, but it always has a way of floating to the top. (You can't stop the signal, Mal.) I've been praying for a revival off and on for years, too.


Thank you for being you. Thank you for your desire to put God first in your life regardless of what other people think. Thank you for the letter. It was a good pep talk to keep me focused on what's truly important. "Cant Fight This Kneeling" is one of my favorites on several levels. It probably comes in my top five.


We wanted you to know how much we appreciated your courage in speaking the truth, even knowing that some of your fans may not agree. We were encouraged by your personal testimony about the rally in Washington and the prayer meetings you have been part of. We join you in calling the Church to prayer during this dangerous time for our nation.

I just want to express my sincere thanks to you for sending this information out. It took faith, courage and boldness, and I applaud you for it. My family and I share the views and concerns you expressed, and we share them in our limited circling of influence whenever possible. Your analysis is spot-on as far as I am concerned. I have turned into almost a Twitter news-junkie in the last few years and I have witnessed so many things happen that are continuing to try to destroy not only our President, but our beloved country, and ultimately ALL of the freedoms we have been blessed with — all under the cover (and often incitementI) provided by the mainstream media. The resources you cite are all invaluable at this time as we continue to learn as we hope and pray.

You certainly did your research and expressed your findings and concerns well. Near the end, when you stated why you feel the way you do, I could have said many of the same things myself. I have been very upset about the election returns for over a month and suspected election-machine-programming algorithms were involved to steal the election. And just recently, it seems that YouTube has posted sources that point to the Dominion machines as the source of corruption as well as well as boxes of mailed in votes counted after hours. I have been forwarding these findings to my friends who seem to have lost hope that the election fraud would be discovered in time to avoid our nation from entering socialism. I can't discuss religion or politics with my family and my son thinks I am nuts for believing the election was rigged.

I want to say thank you for the recent newsletter and all the articles that you wrote and shared. I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts and heart in these matters. They have been an encouragement to me to keep the faith and remain diligent in standing for truth in this time and age. You and the others in ApologetiX are a blessing to me and so many others and for that I am thankful.

I took the time to read every jot and tittle of your newsletter. I felt the presence of the LORD as I was reading it and how He helped you to order and put that together. I can only imagine how much you prayed and asked for His help to write that. It is evident. I am so thankful for you and how you use your position of influence for the glory of God in JESUS Christ. You are not trying to please man or scratch itching ears. You are like a shepherd (or fellow sheep depending on how you want to look at it!) who is crying "WOLF!". Thank you for not worrying about what others think but letting love swallow your fears.


Thank you so much for your thoughts on the election. I read every word and agree 100 percent with everything you said. True news is absolutely being censored, and fake news is what most Americans are intentionally being indoctrinated with. It's appalling. The communist news media (CNM) in America is 100 percent corrupt. It saddens me greatly when I see Christians who are totally clueless to what's really at stake and believe whatever CNM tells them. If most Americans knew what really happened in the presidential election, I believe there would be a revolt like we've never seen. This is the biggest news story in possibly the history of America. I could go on and on, but thank you again for having the courage to share what you did. I pray it will open the eyes of many.

Just read your newsletter and want to say I agree ENTIRELY! With all of it! I can understand a hesitation to be partisan, but I feel this goes way beyond normal politics. Stay bold! Praying for your state! I believe there are some key moments to come in the next few days.

Your depth and perception on the current pending crisis on people's minds is ASTOUNDING to say the least! I'm sure it has opened alot of eyes.

I have just read though you newsletter this evening. Thank you for all the information. Much of it I was aware of, but plenty of it new to me. With some years of experience in computer systems, I am sure that the computer systems can be compromised. Much of your description of President Trump follows what I have told quite a few people. Before 2016, I was not a fan of him. During the 2016 campaign, I came to feel that he was the less evil choice. I have been well pleased with his follow-up on promises. I assure you that you have not lost me as a fan. Thank you for your courage.

Like the philosopher Paul Simon said, silence like a cancer grows. It took some intestinal fortitude to put this out there. Thanks, J.

I wish I could send applause. That was wonderful.


Hey, I appreciate you, J. Writing that newsletter was a big step in courage and faith. Thanks for all you do to help spread truth. I have also been involved in some strategic prayer groups regarding this election and we keep hearing from the prophets that the enemy will think he has won, but God has some moves that have not been seen yet. God keeps telling me that He has this in hand. We just have to believe He will come through. Lance Wallnau stated last week that we as the Body of Christ have to do actions as well as prayer. That is what you have done. Even if you get some pushback from this, know that He will be there to back you up.

Wow, dude. Risky newsletter, but thanks for putting it out there. Hopefully you don't lose too many fans from it. You aren't saying anything I haven't. Except the Bible verses.

I read your entire newsletter entry last night. Excellent job.

Just wanted to send you a big thanks for the link to the latest newsletter with all your recent articles. Very informative read and you are spot on! Thanks also for the conservative site suggestions and a few of the news channels you mentioned are on the streaming channel "Pluto."

Posted the newsletter link and this comment on his personal Facebook page and tagged me"The newsletter J. Jackson wrote is chillingly true. It is a little long, but take the time to read it. Everything is adding up. Fasten your seatbelts."


Well stated, J. To be informed is to also be forearmed. What you've been doing is the kind of research any worthwhile grand jury would do; and, despite possible negative consequences, report bedrock findings and proceed accordingly. Yes, there are those, as with many of the Jehovah's Witnesses you mentioned, who simply refuse to accept even clearly solid evidence as is foretold in 2 Thessalonians 2:11. Yes, it's likely there will be fans who might fall away, especially after an initial reaction; however, for those who are earnest in their faith, an initial scoffing could well turn to introspection, and ultimately result in them becoming more like Christ, as compared to their individual walks prior.

I"m glad you shared what you did in the newsletter. You wouldn't have written it if 1. You weren't passionate about such things 2. Your conscience was sensitive to the Spirit. You tied everything together well with Scripture and future events and warnings Christians are already supposed to know. Sadly many do not study (or know how to study).


Just wanted to thank you for sharing this. I knew the results were being challenged but had no idea of the magnitude, so thanks so much for being a mouthpiece, as always!


Excellent newsletter! Thanks for taking such a bold stance! I just finished watching the Trump rally in Georgia on Right Side, which went on for 2 hours. Really appreciated your encouragement at the end. I've got to say reading Jeremiah 4-6 this morning and I wrote the following: "hard not to think about the judgment coming forthe USA." I'm still praying and I'm still with you on this!


Wow, impressive last newsletter. I'm sure you may get some angry fanmail over it. But, you did what God put on your heart to do. I applaud the stance. Admittedly, there's much about Mr. Trump I don't like, but he's done some good things, and I voted for him in November. Anyway, the bigger picture is where is America going spiritually and we are in a dangerous place. We could be at revival's door or a great falling away. We must keep praying for God's mercy and direction for our nation. At any rate, thanks for taking a stand. God bless.

Absolutely love your newsletter! Keep the Faith! Stay the Course!

Thank you so much for sending your latest and longest newsletter. I have been following all that is happening and praying for this nation and for God to rescue this nation in the final hour. I still have faith that He will come through, but if He doesn't, I will still praise Him. Just as S, M, & A were about to go into the fire, their faith was what got them through. I don't need to rehash anything you said, as I am in agreement with you on all points. I appreciate your stance and your forthcoming voicing of it. I have spoken out on the same subjects and it's amazing how lightly many "Christians" are taking it, including my own brother, who has told me all the election fraud claims are hogwash! About broke my heart when he said that. I think very few people are willing to stand on the front lines anymore.

Absolutely FANTASTIC blog post! I read the whole thing. Really appreciate the calm, honest presentation— and totally agree! It is wonderful that you spend that TREMENDOUS amount of time — evidently over many months — to present the 'facts' that most Christians are not spending the time to get the truth. Hopefully, many of your fans will read all of it, and take it to heart!

Right there with you. Keep praying, everyone; there's still hope for our country. We need God to handle the situation but we need to ask. Lord hear our prayers.


Just wanted to drop you a note and say how much I appreciate what you wrote. Your honesty and your convictions were so clear and you communicated everything in such a genuine way. Thank you for that and for being honest. That's hard to come by these days — especially when the truth can feel so threatening to some. If I'm honest, this year has been the hardest of my life by far — and there are days, hours, even minutes when I feel on the brink of total despair because the world I knew — and the world I hoped for — is gone. It's terrifying, even when I tell myself I should never be afraid of anything. I've tried to be strong, but I've missed that mark over and over. All that to say — somehow, little pockets of encouragement and hope pop up from time to time to keep me going, and what you wrote so boldly is one of them. Your courage and boldness and honesty is making a difference - to more than just this random girl in MN, I'm certain!

You are not a weirdo. The problem is that most people these days don't want to know the truth, they would rather embrace a lie. This shouldn't surprise us with the description of the masses given to us in 2 Timothy 3:1-5. Man seems to much rather hear what Satan has to say than what God does — nevermind Who has the better track record in telling the truth, but fortunately all aren't that way for some are willing to listen to us and for their sakes and the will of God we speak out. thank you for speaking out J and keep up the good work!

I just read your long — but important — email. Like you, I've been seeing all the signs for some time now of everything you laid out. I see exactly what you see, and I'm certain that millions of others do, as well. Like you, I'm praying for our country, but, even more importantly, I'm praying that God will do whatever is necessary to bring the most number of people into His Kingdom — a Kingdom that CANNOT be shaken.
This morning, as I was laying in bed after waking up, I kept hearing His voice speaking to me over and over and over again: "I know exactly what I'm doing." And HE does. :-) Thanks for sharing what you did.

I know you are getting emails about the newsletter. I just wanted to say BRAVO, and thank you.


As for your current newsletter, I am in so much agreement with you on it. I have been appalled on a number of levels on news especially. The only sticker I still have on my car is "I don't believe the liberal media" from the Media Research Center. My pastor is a big fan of John Piper, but I went into one of my rage moments when I read his statement on political stuff. It is so maddening, I am calling it clown world right now. Anyhow, more later but just know I am even a bigger fan now if that is possible.

Thank you, brother, for organizing and sharing your thoughts.


Just finished reading your latest newsletter. AMEN!!! You may offend a few fans, but hopefully you get even more to open their eyes, pray, fast, and give them information they can share. You are right about many not wanting to hear the truth, I like the analogy with Jehovah's Witnesses. The one thing I might add is I have read several articles before and since the election where people prophesied that Trump would prevail — some said the courts would be involved. I pray that it is fixed before that and that the Supreme Court doesn't have to be involved; I'm afraid of the division it would cause. The one thing I do know is God is aware and in charge, but I agree and appreciate you speaking out that we need to spread the word.

My wife and I read your newsletter. I honestly felt as though I had written it myself. You enumerated everything I would've touched upon, and you did it fairly. If you get objections and lose supporters, so be it. Let them move on. That's between them and God. You're doing what you believe to be the right thing before Him.


Thank you for professing your faith and stepping out without fear! I have been saying many things like you mentioned to my close personal contacts for the past several months. The liberal squelching of news inconvenient to their narrative (and candidate) is just the tip of the iceberg. I just remind people not to rely on the news, including their local news. Even in "conservative" Nebraska, our media is pretty much in lockstep with the liberal national media. Why? Because the stations are owned by huge chains of media outlets owned by liberals! So frustrating, but we have to keep up the good fight until Jesus returns!


Just finished reading your latest letter. Whew! Its so nice to know there are many other believers out there who believe the way I do. One of the devil's greatest strategies is to convince us we're all alone in this battle. No one listens, no hears and no one cares. Reading your letter felt as though I was reading my own thoughts. I could have written it word for word, if I were that eloquent, which I'm not. Very encouraging. My wife and I love your band and your ministry and we will continue to pray for you.
No matter what happens though, God is on the throne. We get surprised by what happens, but God never does. Its all a part of His larger plan. (I just wish He would give a clearer picture of it once in a while, lol.) Anyway, in the words of a very wise man, "I know its all in God's control and I like it!" And if it doesn't go as I'd hoped, well, that same wise troubadour said, "You've got another king coming!"


Your last ApX email was a wonderful read. Thank you for being so bold as to write it and have the courage to distribute it, knowing full-well that you will not be in agreement with all fans. You said what needed to be said, and your journalistic background shined. Very good writing. Just wanted you to know that your letter really resonated in our household.

What an amazing newsletter you wrote below! That must have taken a lot of courage to put yourself out there like that. I think I agree with everything you said. Seriously though, THANK YOU for being brave enough to stand up and speak the truth in such a time as this. We will pray for your protection and for blessings upon you, the band, and your families.


Awesome newsletter! I really appreciate your open honesty and clear interpretation of God's Word. Thanks for the encouragement to continue to pray for our country and our President!


I just wanted to thank you (very much) for the newsletter and info. I have been noticing that many on FOX cooling while the evidence is getting hotter. I almost feel ill. I just sent a polite email to the Georgia legislature encouraging the speaker to address the video used in the hearings last week that actually shows the fraud in progress.


Thank you, J. I feel the same way and am sad to see the country go the way it has, but God is still ultimately in control of everything. Don't be discouraged by those Satan sends to tell you you're wrong! Keep up the good fight.


I agree with you 110%. I pray for you and your family and ministry every day.

It baffles me how people can still believe the news as an objective source, even using multiple news engines. It's a shame that the US is heading in this direction, but it's not hard to see that the ruling powers are directing things toward lawlessness. Thanks for all the research you put into this. It makes it easier for someone like me who didn't study journalism, to understand the bigger picture.

Thanks for this. You did a fantastic job pulling all of this together and powerfully articulating what's been on your heart and mind. It's sad that you'd lose some fans over this when you're speaking truth.

Thanks for your thoughts this letter. I've been reading Rev 11-14 the last two weeks in my devotional. Very contemporary message for something written so long ago. Jesus is Lord.

Thank you SOOO much for writing all that. You did NOT lose me as a fan (and comrade) for saying what you did. Thank you for taking a stand. Hopefully, those in the dark will have open hearts and minds to receive the truth, not only about our political process & society, but more importantly, the light of Jesus Christ who can change people's HEARTS. THAT is where lasting change in people, families, governments, countries, and planet earth happens.

What a newsletter. No wonder it took you so long to write it, but it was worth the wait as far as I am concerned. I totally agree and back you up 100% on everything that you said. Thanks for writing this and thanks for being brave and bold enough to say it. All of this time, I have felt the same way that you do about everything relating to Trump. I firmly believe that eventually all truth will come out and justice will be served and everything wrong will be punished, but all in God's way and time.

YES! Do you have a public link to that song ("Can't Fight This Kneeling")?! I want to post — corresponds to a driving theme of the Holy Spirit in me over past weeks and months.


Wow! I appreciate you standing up to your whole 6'6" beliefs. My husband and I were very pleased that you saw it the same as we do. Still praying that it will all come out and of course we want Trump to be our President as well.


Thanks for the giant panic attack I just had from reading your latest blast. I know what you said is true, and needed to be said, but it didn't help my anxiety at all. But thanks for standing tall.

Thanks for having the courage and taking the time to share that. My favorite Presidents are Lincoln and Reagan, but Trump has done more for Pro-Life in four years than Reagan managed ineight. He has done what he promised to do. I like you, voted for him reluctantly (for his promise to appoint strict constitutionalist judges) the first time and enthusiastically the second. I am glad you listened to your wife that shows great wisdom!

Excellent newsletter! I cant believe how far down the wrong path this country is going. Thank God our ultimate citizenship is not of this world.

Great newsletter. Agree 100%


THANK YOU for taking the time to write this. I appreciate knowing that there are many others who feel just as I do in this current political and social climate. Praying for you and the band!


This is absolutely the most important newsletter that you've ever sent. Also the most dangerous. Not only are you going to lose fans from this (and receive lots of hate mail) but I expect that you've been put on a list somewhere. I agree with absolutely everything that you lay out. You have opened a lot of eyes to the coup and offered many valuable resources to stay informed. Like you, I haven't given up on America or assume that God has turned His back on her. This may be a revival moment of such magnitude that God will turn His wrath from the world for a century to come, and if so then I praise Him for my opportunity to be a part of this. Regardless of what happens next remember that you do not stand alone.


I forwarded your newsletter to a friend (one who used to mock me a bit for my Christian, conservative, and aware-of-the-times-in-which-we-live views but now shares them) and his response was "Man, that was long — but a great read, and a little hope knowing we aren't the only ones who see this.

That incredible newsletter from last week is pinned to the top of my email box and I have read it half a dozen times already.


I just wanted you to know this is the best newsletter you have ever done. You have always been an inspiration to me but now I am encouraged and challenged in a way that I didn't expect. It's funny, but over the last 20 years I feel like I have experienced all of the emotions you describe you have been through the last 6 months. I have battled complacency and the "go along to get along" attitude this year, but I'm afraid we can't just keep letting the enemy try to steal and destroy our lives. Trust me, you are not a "conspiracy theory weirdo." Keep defending the faith and may the Lord keep you and yours.

I lived in Philly for nine years before going into the Air Force. Even at that young age I knew of some of the corruption going on in that town. Thank you so much for your words of deep thought and wisdom. Shouldn't matter what party your fans follow, right is right, and wrong is wrong. If our party was guilty of the same things, I would want to know the truth, and have them who were complicit to be punished, and the rest do what they could to make things right. Thanks for stepping out and opening your heart to all who will listen, and doing it so well.
(Yes, a different T.M. in Texas than the one above!)

I came across your latest newsletter and was somewhat blown away by your boldness and thank you for links to sites that I knew of, and many that I will check out. I have been censored countless times by Facebook. Please keep up the strong stand and for praying. I believe that God will expose many wicked people in this process. I have prayed that He would either cause them to repent, but if they refuse — then I ask God to remove them from office in whatever way He chooses.

Thank you for all you said in your newsletter. I have been concerned about the very same things. Thank you for standing up — all 6'6" of you! I pray that there is a great awakening in this country and that evil plans will be exposed and foiled. Most of all I pray for God to be glorified. I've been doing a lot of work in the back yard recently down here where such things can still be done at this time of year. I've been listening to ApologetiX a lot while working and your parodies have helped calm the stress of what's going on and refocus me a bit. Thanks to all of you in the band for that.

THANK YOU for taking the time to write this. I appreciate knowing that there are many others who feel just as I do in this current political and social climate. Praying for you and the band!


My wife and I just read the newsletter, and I just wanted to tell you we're right where you are. My wife has been reading voraciously about the Grand Theft Election this year and we're facing a great deal of discouragement and dismay. I know God answers prayer, and that we don't have to worry about His protection and provision, but I am concerned about the America my children and grand-children will inherit. Thank you for sharing all that, we learned some things we didn't know.

I've been so busy lately that I haven't had time to respond to the newsletter. I'm not quite done reading it, but have read most of it. As far as I'm concerned, you definitely haven't lost me as a fan. I will write more in response at a later time, but I wanted to thank you for sharing your thoughts and convictions on such an important topic.

I really appreciate your latest newsletter. I know it may have been difficult because you are supposed to be a musician, not a politician. But I have been majorly concerned about all of the fraud in this election. If it is allowed in this election, all future elections will be meaningless. And our country will crumble. I recently came across The Epoch Times and Newsmax. Each day reading more and more stories of the fraud. President Trump would have won a fair, legitimate election. It blows me away that the mainstream media continues to ignore the facts and do their jobs. I continue to hope and pray that President Trump gets the second term he rightfully deserves. I am grateful that you shared those alternative media outlets and links. I hope to check out a few more.

Wow! Reading your newsletter from yesterday was like reading my own thoughts. And I mean, every sentence was pretty much stated by me at some time over the past two months. As I look at and pray over what's happening in America as well as the rest of the world I am hit with a combination of excitement, concern and trepidation. Excitement as a believer in seeing what the Lord is doing and may be about to do. Concern for the unsaved. Trepidation for both. I will continue to pray for you and ApX that God will continue to bless and direct you.

This is very good. The woke SBC cowards in Virginia need to read this. Getting off your knees to action is perfect. Otherwise, we would never have missionaries, correct?

Thank you for sending out this information. I think it is great for your audience to know. I appreciate your ministry and know that God uses you in ways that you do not see. Keep standing tall and obeying the Lord.

I knew you were a Christian (duh), but now I know that you are someone that has his eyes open, thank God. The thoughts you expressed are on the minds of every discerning Christian, and it is so clear to us. I have a subscription to Newsmax and I read Epoch Times often. I want to share your letter. Everyone needs to know! God bless your efforts.

I read your newsletter and sensed the weight you must have felt behind each typed word. I know it wasn't easy, and I could tell that a lot of thought and prayer went into it. First of all, you have certainly not lost me as a fan. In fact, my respect for you has increased. Second, thank you for your due diligence to research these issues first hand and not just echo what "they said." Lastly, I also cling to the knowledge that God is in control. I pray for you, your family, and the band. May God bless each of you daily and comfort you in times of stress or anxiety and strengthen you in times of weakness.

I just read the latest newsletter. I've never felt more like we're indeed brothers from other mothers (and decidedly the same Father!). You spoke your heart very well — as always. I worked at the White House, for Presidents Reagan and H.W. Bush, after I got out of the Air Force in 1988. Serving with Ronald Reagan as my commander-in-chief, and later ultimate boss, is what led me away from the Democrat camp of my family history. Over the years, I've watched them slide ever further to the left. Today, they're outright Marxists, with no respect whatever for God. I don't know if you're aware that they actually booed the mention of His name at their National Convention in 2016. But I think the sleeping giant has been awakened, as Admiral Yamamoto said after Pearl Harbor. Christians all over America are realizing that they've been fed a false narrative, and that there are still far more of us than many of us realize. We will continue as always, in prayer and faith, and I'm confident there will indeed be revival, and America will return to its status, as President Reagan said, of that shining city on a hill. As long as God is, we have hope.

My husband and I just finished reading your newsletter, and I felt compelled to let you know that we are so thankful to you for sharing the truth! While, as you say, you may lose some fans, I can assure you of at least two that you will not lose! It was so refreshing to learn that we aren't alone in believing everything that you wrote about! Thank you for having the courage to speak out. Thank you, also for all the links and info. Some of it we knew about, but a lot we didn't. We are praying for you, your family, the band and of course this country!

Totally agree with your rant in the last newsletter.


Yes! Bravo! Amen! Thank you. And may God have mercy on America.

I want to offer a note of encouragement that what you wrote is right on! We saw the President speak in Wisconsin and are excited to see him in the WH for four more years — though I have to admit that every moment of these next four years is going to be like shock therapy, knowing that we'll never see his like again.

Thank you for very clear information. Praying for our nation and our president.


Let me just say that I agree with everything you said in your newsletter. I've been seeing this coming for years now. I mean if you read between the lines in the news for the last few years you can see how America arrived where they are. I'm just as concerned for our country as you. We here in Kenya have been praying a lot even before the election. I also agree with what you said about the media. I stopped trusting Fox news years ago when Rupert turned the reigns over to his son. At that time James said he wanted to make Fox more like CNN. I knew then they were doomed.