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ApologetiX on TV Tonight!
Mon., Mar. 4. 2002 2:05pm EST

J. Jackson, lead singer and lyricist for ApologetiX (That Christian Parody Band) here.

Our regular newsletter won't be out till Wednesday, but ...

We just wanted to let you know that the "His Place" episodes we are taping tonight (Monday) for Cornerstone Television will be broadcast Monday and Tuesday.

The first episode will be broadcast "live" at 9:30 p.m. EST in the Pittsburgh area (Check the listing of stations below for the time and station in your area) and rebroadcast at 12:30 a.m. EST. The next episode will be broadcast Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. EST and rebroadcast at 12:30 a.m. EST.


The show's host, Jeff Redinger, has once again issued an invitation to all ApologetiX fans who'd like to be part of the studio audience: "Just like last time...the more, the merrier. Can't have too many as long as they understand that they may not get to be on the set for part of either show ... we will have chairs off set for them again."

ApologetiX will perform two songs on the first show. The second show will feature all ApologetiX, including three or four songs. We had a great crowd when we did the shows in the summer and fall of 2001. As usual, we'll be performing songs "live" and doing some interviews. "His Place" is filmed in a diner format, and they need people to fill the booths. They will also take people for off-stage, just to make crowd noise. Last time we had such a large studio audience that I felt like we were doing "We Are the World" or "All You Need is Love."


If you'd like to come, you're invited. In case you don't know, "His Place" is filmed in Wall, PA, near Monroeville (near Pittsburgh) off Rt. 48. You can also use,, or yahoo maps for directions. The official address is: Cornerstone Television, 1 Signal Hill Dr., Wall PA 15148-1499.


If these shows are like the previous ones, the filming would start at 9:30 p.m. and probably be done by 11 p.m. You should plan to arrive around 9 p.m.., but not before 9 p.m., because you'll be sitting around. If you arrive after 9:15 p.m., they can still probably get you in the studio, but after 9:30 p.m., that will be troublesome.


It's helpful if you call or e-mail first, so they know to expect you, although you can still come if you forget to call. Please call 412-824-3930 and ask for anyone in the "His Place" department. If no one is in, the receptionist should be able to help you. You can also e-mail to Jeff at


FamilyNet SBS6 Transponder 1 Mo-Fr 8 am (see FamilyNet Affiliates) Tu-Sa 1 am Superstation GE-4, Ch. 19 Mo-Fr 9:30 pm WPCB Su-Mo 12:30am Dominion Sky Angel Mo-Fr 9:30 pm Channel 9712 Su-Mo 12:30am

WYAM-TV 56 Decatur, AL Thu 8:30 pm Sat 11:30pm KVTN-TV 25 Little Rock/Pine Bluff,AR Mo-Fr 2:30 pm KVTH-TV 26 Hot Springs, AR Mo-Fr 2:30 pm Sat 1-3:30pm KVTJ-TV 48 Jonesboro, AR Mo-Fr 2:30 pm Sat 1-3:30pm K27EC-TV Lake Havasu City, AZ Sun 10:30am (also airs in Needles, CA) Tu-SA 10:30am K65FI-TV Bull Head City, AZ Sun 10:30am Tu-SA 10:30am KTLN-LP 68 San Francisco, CA (TLN) Mo-Fr 9:00 am WBLP-LP 14 Dagsboro, DE Mo-Fr 9:30 pm (also airs in MD) Su-Mo 12;30am S.E. College-TV 52 Lakeland, FL Mo-Fr 9:30 pm WLCB-LP 45 Orlando, FL Mo-Fr 9:30 pm Tu-SA 12 am WTBC-LP 65 Tallahassee, FL Tu-Sa 5:30am W36BM-TV Augusta, GA Mo-Fr 11:30pm Sat 12:30am K66CE-TV Lewiston, ID (Lov-TV) Sat 9:30 pm K39CT-TV Lewiston, ID (Lov-TV) Sat 9:30 pm WTJR-TV 16 Quincy, IL Fri 11:30pm KAGN-LP 65 Crowley, LA Mo-Th 6:00 pm KAJN-LP 40 Lafayette, LA Mo-Fr 6:00 pm KFAM-LP 58 Lake Charles, LA M0-Th 6:00 pm WLPC-TV 26 Southfield, MI Fri 1:00 am ECTV Springfield, MO Mo-Fr 8:30 pm (Ch. 27 & Cable 12) Sat 11:30pm Sun 11:30pm WACN-LP 57 Apex, NC Sun 12:30am Tu-Fr 5:30 am WWIW-LP 66 Raleigh, NC Sun 12:30am KVBA-TV 63 Alamogordo, NM Mo-Sa 10:30pm Call Letters City of License Day Time

W52CQ-TV Auburn, NY Mo-Fr 9:30 pm (Renard Communications Corp) Su-Sa 12:30am W40BJ-TV DeWitt, NY Mo-Fr 9:30 pm (Renard Communications Corp) Su-Sa 12:30am W15BR-TV Oneida, NY Mo-Fr 9:30 pm (Renard Communications Corp) Su-Sa 12:30am W11BP-TV Syracuse, NY Mo-Fr 9:30 pm Su-Sa 12:30am W51BA-TV Syracuse, NY Mo-Fr 9:30 pm Su-Sa 12:30am WTLW-TV 44 Lima, OH Fri 5:30 am WLMB-TV40 Perrysburg, OH M-F 12:30pm WSFJ-TV 51 Thornville, OH Tu-Sa 5:30 am K21DC-TV Lawton, OK Tu-Sa 4:30am K51EK-TV McAlester, OK Tu-Sa 4:30am K31DY-TV Muskogee, OK Tu-Sa 4:30am KXOC-LP 54 Oklahoma City, OK Tu-Sa 4:30am KRHP-TV 14 The Dalles, OR Tu-Sa 2:30 am WKBS-TV 47 Altoona, PA Mo-Fr 9:30 pm Su-Sa 12:30am W45BT-TV Brookville, PA Mo-Fr 9:30 pm Su-Sa 12:30am W12CA-TV Elliottsburg, PA Mo-Fr 9:30 pm Su-Sa 12:30am W18BC-TV Middleburg, PA Mo-Fr 9:30 pm Su-Sa 12:30am WPCB-TV 40 Pittsburgh, PA Mo-Fr 9:30 pm Su-Sa 12:30am W50BF-TV Sharon/Hermitage, PA Mo-Fr 9:30 pm Su-Sa 12:30am WHTN-TV 39 Old Hickory, TN Mo-Fr 11:30pm KSCE-TV 38 El Paso, TX Mo-Fr 2:00pm Mo-Fr 12:00am KTMW-TV 20 Salt Lake City, UT Sat 10:30pm W48AZ-TV Front Royal, VA Sun 12:30am (Ruarch Associates) Sat 12:30am W24AZ-TV Harrisonburg, VA Sun 12:30am (Ruarch Associates) Sat 12:30am WTLU-TV19 Lynchburg, VA Sat 5:30am W16AZ-TV Luray, VA Sun 12:30am (Ruarch Associates) Sat 12:30am W25AZ-TV Stauntor/Waynesboro, VA Sun 12:30am (Ruarch Associates) Sat 12:30am W28AZ-TV Winchester, VA Sun 12:30am (Ruarch Associates) Sat 12:30am


Call Letters City of License Day Time W10AZ-TV Woodstock, VA Sun 12:30am (Ruarch Associates) Christian Cable Aberdeen, WA M-F 6:30 pm Ministries KKRR-LP 45 Cheyenne, WY M-F 7:30 pm Tu-Su 10:30pm


Australian Christian Victoria, Australia Tues 9:30pm Channel

Jubilation Christian St. Thomas, Virgin Schedule Varies Channel Islands

Family Focus Trinidad, West Indies Mo 8:00 am


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Please pray that we don't forget any words, hit any sour notes, or break any strings/sticks and that God will inspire and bless the things we do and say on the show. We praise God for the opportunity to do this!