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ApX Needs Help, UK Wants ApX, 15 New Songs
January 31, 2019, 5:39 pm EST
ApologetiX Fan Club Newsletter goes out to 64,037 subscribers.

In This Issue:

Timely Encouragement from WI >>

15 New Songs in the Works >>

Where's the New Single?  >>

ApX Radio on Air in the UK >>

1200 Tracks for $100 Extended Another Week >>

Multiple MP3s, 1 Donation >>

New USB Drives in Stock >>

How to Donate to ApX >>

Tell Us About You.

Help us pick new songs to parody and cities to tour in by telling us about you. At least your zipcode and date of birth. (We won't tell anyone.)

Tell us about you >>

Photos from the Road

We try to take as many pictures of our concerts and fans as possible, and we have a bunch from our concert in Gahanna, OH on Sat., Nov 12.

See the photos from Gahanna, OH and other concerts.

Come to the Show
Nov. 30, 1999 at 12:00 am
info, tix, directions >>

Were You There?

Fans love to look up the photos on our website, and email them around. These are the ten most recent concerts that we have no photos from. Pick any concert you have photos for and please upload them.

1. Pittsburgh, PA  03.28.15
2. Barrington, RI  10.18.14
3. Harleysville, PA  10.17.14
4. Chesaning, MI  07.10.10

Upcoming Fan Birthdays

Happy birthday to all our fans and friends who are celebrating a birthday in the coming week including these 226 fans:

01.31Briana M. - MO
01.31Paul S. - NM
01.31Derek L. - FL
01.31Cathy S. - KY
01.31Crystal M. - IN
01.31Sherrie R. - TX
01.31Heather B. - WI
01.31Ray B. - LA
01.31Lawrence K. - CA
01.31Margie F. - TX
01.31Jamie B. - CA
01.31Jayson B. - Ontario
01.31Angie R. - AZ
01.31Sara H. - NV
01.31Kathleen R. - IN
01.31Jim J. - IL
01.31Jessica V. - OH
01.31Tina Z. - WI
01.31Carrie C. - PA
01.31Katy R. - IN
01.31Dane M. - CA
01.31Kaitlin S. - CA
01.31Heather B. - WI
01.31Dena R. - GA
01.31Crystal M. - KY
01.31A.j. C. - PA
01.31Kerri C. - NC
01.31Dani P. - OH
01.31Mike F. - TX
01.31Michelle W. - TN
01.31Tom L. - TX
02.01Brian F. - TX
02.01Kevin M. - FL
02.01Dean D. - UT
02.01William A. - KY
02.01Morgan D. - VA
02.01Adam C. - OH
02.01Aliene K. - TX
02.01John A. - FL
02.01Robert K.
02.01Javier E. - Guatemala
02.01Adam A. - PA
02.01Jim T. - WA
02.01Jeremy M. - IA
02.01Catherine M. - PA
02.01Mary Anne B. - CA
02.01Chrissy F. - MI
02.01Carey H. - WI
02.01David José T. - Costa Rica
02.01Daniel B.
02.01David José T. - Florida
02.01Kyleland B. - MI
02.01Bill Sommerfelt S. - IA
02.02Savannah M. - OR
02.02Roberto R. - TX
02.02Mary T. - FL
02.02Timothy L. - VA
02.02Leslie S. - AR
02.02Scotty M. - OH
02.02Larry S. - FL
02.02Eric S. - VA
02.02Yesenia E. - TX
02.02Kevin G. - RI
02.02Tyler E. - TX
02.02Joni C. - MO
02.02Ashley F. - PA
02.02Dj T.
02.02Matt S. - IN
02.02Janet F. - PA
02.02Kristopher K. - PA
02.02Connie H. - ME
02.02Gabe R. - OH
02.02Gary S. - PA
02.02Melissa C. - KY
02.02Josh G. - GA
02.02Tony B. - NY
02.02Tony B. - NY
02.02Jt R. - OH
02.02Christine C. - CA
02.02Carl P. - VA
02.02Mad R. - AL
02.02Pikachu P. - KY
02.02Lauren G. - KY
02.02Mark C. - GA
02.02Renan S. - Brazil
02.02Mark C. - GA
02.02Carl P. - VA
02.02Larry M. - IL
02.02Robert C. - NC
02.02Dr. Cal H. - OK
02.03W Robert W. - PA
02.03John B. - OH
02.03Jerry S. - Hessen
02.03Rob B. - middx
02.03Jeremy D. - VA
02.03Joseph T. - IL
02.03Sherri H. - NH
02.03Matthew K. - NC
02.03Teri S. - ME
02.03James C. - VA
02.03Jeremy D. - VA
02.03Duane M. - IL
02.03Yoj S. - Philippines
02.03Christen W. - VA
02.03Mark W. - SC
02.03Sandra J. - CT
02.03Ken And Denise M. - PA
02.03Annie K. - TX
02.03Timothy T. - MO
02.03Amie B. - NC
02.03Annie K. - TX
02.03Tony N. - CA
02.03<>< Deanna M. - OR
02.03John B. - OH
02.03John B. - OH
02.03Dave H. - PA
02.03Yoj S. - Philippines
02.03G Ward K. - DE
02.03Autumn W. - PA
02.04Martin C. - CT
02.04Robert B. - PA
02.04Megan J. - IL
02.04Jihi M. - CA
02.04John E. - TN
02.04Germaine C. - PA
02.04Gary S. - Canada
02.04Jennifer H. - AZ
02.04Patrick A. - TX
02.04Karen M. - KS
02.04David W. - MD
02.04Richard M. - AZ
02.04Rocky H. - ID
02.04String S. - MD
02.04Jeff C. - IN
02.04Kristen O. - LA
02.04Brian D. - OH
02.04Victoria A. - PA
02.04Jiska B. - Netherlands
02.04Mark B. - WI
02.04Tammi Catherine T. - OH
02.04Casandra C. - SC
02.04Mark P. - AR
02.04Vikki A. - AZ
02.04Gary D. - AZ
02.04Miko P. - Philippines
02.04Amy P. - MN
02.04Kumbia K. - AZ
02.04Britney B. - NC
02.04Lori G. - AK
02.04Jordan C. - IN
02.04Lisa G. - FL
02.04John R. - OH
02.04Will C. - MD
02.04Barry D. - TX
02.04Edward Hart H. - ID
02.04Carol P. - FL
02.04Raydene W. - AK
02.04Kathleen L. - NY
02.05Denis P. - Australia
02.05Kurt C. - ND
02.05Rita K. - WV
02.05Tom F. - PA
02.05Betsy W. - MN
02.05Otto A. - TX
02.05Stephen H. - NC
02.05Candi G. - NY
02.05Jomei L. - PA
02.05Jason H. - IA
02.05Whit W. - TX
02.05Karen R. - FL
02.05Daniel S. - MD
02.05Fiona A. - Australia
02.05Jeremy R. - OH
02.05Patty S. - MO
02.05Lora S. - FL
02.05Sara M. - MI
02.05Jeffrey W L. - CA
02.05John M. - KY
02.05Patricia M.
02.05Randy A. - NC
02.05Shyan B. - MI
02.05Joan A.
02.05Brad W. - MO
02.05Douglas C. - IN
02.05Raven S. - AZ
02.05Noel N. - az
02.05Johnanne R. - AL
02.05Steven K. - TX
02.05Fred C. - PA
02.05Mark C. - TX
02.06Darryl P. - SC
02.06Lisa-marie K. - Australia
02.06Morten L. - Hjřrring
02.06Brandon D. - OH
02.06Allen E. - PA
02.06Kelly B. - CA
02.06Joe L. - SC
02.06Brandon F. - OR
02.06Donovan U. - South Africa
02.06Brian B. - CA
02.06Tony W. - MN
02.06Ramiro M. - IL
02.06Papaw D. - TX
02.06Tyler G. - WI
02.06Rachel D. - IN
02.06Paul K. - CA
02.06Zuleika M. - Guatemala
Make sure we know about your birthday -- For your name to appear above, your profile has to have your correct first and last name and in the correct fields.Tell us about you >>

Wanna Help the Band?

We're often asked if we accept donations. Yes we do. Like other ministries, we have many expenses. Although the donations aren't tax deductible, they are immediately put to good use. If you'd like to donate, thanks.

J. Jackson, lead singer and lyricist for ApologetiX here.

I hate realizing I'm telling a person a story I've told them before. I can't stand being redundant. In fact, I keep a record of the set lists for every ApX show to ensure we never do the exact same show twice.

So imagine how much it bothers me when I have to send out a newsletter with the "ApologetiX Needs Help and Prayers" headline. That's a headline I didn't even want to write the first time we ever used it, let alone now.

I'd rather find more clever ways to say it, but people might miss it or mistake my attempt at creativity for flippancy. No, I take our needs (and the act of making them known) seriously. So, in all seriousness:

Once again, ApX has some large (and some medium-sized) bills that are due and others that are overdue. And the band is several months behind in paying me, affecting my ability to pay my family's bills.

The good news is it's been three months since I've had to say something like that, thanks to God's gracious provision and our fans' support. I tried to wait even longer, but the delay of our latest single has forced my hand.

It has been wonderful not having to worry about finances as much. Oh, I still have to pay bills constantly, but I haven't had to worry about how to do that. It's allowed me to focus my attention on creating new music.

As you'll see below in the articled "15 New Songs in the Works," it's been a very fruitful time. We just need help getting the fruit to market. If you'd like to help us, any of these things will help:

1. Pray
2. Get singles, CDs, DVDs, etc. at http://apologetix.com/store
3. Get our USBs at http://apologetix.com/store/store.php#USB
4. Give online at http://apologetix.com/store/store-donate.php
5. Give by mail: ApologetiX, 208 Charlemma Dr., Pittsburgh PA 15214

Donations aren't tax deductible, and please only give if you feel led and are able.

Timely Encouragement from WI
January 31, 2019, 4:25 pm EST

We received this email this morning from a longtime fan in Wisconsin who had no idea about our current financial situation or that we were planning to send out an appeal letter today. However, he has since given us permission to share it with you:

I want to encourage you to keep on doing what you are doing. God will meet your deepest soul need. The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit all love you, and If God is for us who can be against us?

What you do is important to the body of Christ, and the washing of the water of the Word with music. Peoples minds are brainwashed with the music of the world over the years – it's everywhere.

Please hope in God and hang on during the hard times. What you do is sowing eternal reward in getting people's minds on Christ. I encourage you to present what you do in new ways, as to attract additional audience as the Holy Spirit leads you. Then people will catch on.

Play skillfully as unto the Lord. That will attract people as well. May God's presence be ever with you as you go and this journey of faith, my fellow soldiers of faith. God bless all that you do.

Eric Sammons
West Allis WI

15 Parodies We're Currently Working On
January 31, 2019, 12:05 pm EST

Here's a list of topics for 15 songs we've been working on that we hope to release in the near future:

- the rich young ruler and the emptiness of life without Jesus

- the riches of God's Word

- spiritual battles in daily life (Ephesians 6:12, 2 Corinthians 10:3-4)

- a call to boldness for the cause of Christ

- the parable of the rich fool (Luke 12) and the impermanence of riches

- God's provision in the midst of job loss, overdue bills, etc.

- Mephibosheth (2 Samuel 4:4, 9:1-13)

- evidence for God is clearly seen yet ignored by man (Romans 1:20-21)

- busyness is a reason to pray, rather than an excuse not to pray

- Bartholomew, apostle and martyr for Christ

- the sanctity of God's name

- Christ is needed by everyone, available to anyone

- encouragement to attend church and fellowship with others

- the rebuilding of Jerusalem in fulfillment of Daniel 9:25

- another long-awaited remake of an old favorite.

The lyrics for the majority of those are either complete or near completion. In fact, the drums have already been recorded for about half of them. And there are others in the works that we didn't include on this list.

We believe God has provided the inspiration for each of these songs. Please pray that He will enable us to bring them to completion.

What Happened to Last Weekend's Single?
January 31, 2019, 4:03 pm EST

You know how they say stuff like "40 is the new 30"? Well, "last weekend's single" is the new "this weekend's single." Sorry, we're as disappointed as you are.

The tracks were all ready for final mixing by last Thursday, but it has taken longer to get mixes that everyone's happy with. We did approve a final mix of one of the songs this afternoon (Thursday), but we're still awaiting a revised mix of the other.

Here's how the process works: After all of the vocal and instrumental parts are recorded, Jimmy takes a great amount of care and time prepping all the tracks — multiple vocals parts, guitar parts, keyboard parts, drum parts, etc.

We asked Jimmy to tell us the average amount of tracks we put on a song, and he replied, "Average is 20 to 40. Many times there are more, but usually never less than 20."

After Jimmy has taken time to put all of those tracks at their proper levels, clean up any unwanted noises, and make sure everything is on beat, he sends them to Wayne for final mixing. Mixing is a delicate process, as different effects are added on various instruments and vocals.

Once Wayne has a final mix, he'll send it to the band members who played and/or sang on that particular song. Then the band members will send their editing instructions (i.e. "turn this part up, turn this part down, tune this part, add this effect, lessen this effect, etc.") back to Wayne.

Then Wayne will send a revised mix. Having multiple sets of ears listening to a particular song helps ensure that it sounds as much like the original as possible, but that also means Wayne has to make multiple versions before we get a final one everybody likes.

However, Wayne is such a perfectionist that he is always willing to make a new version. Our record for the most versions it's ever taken to get an approved mix is 13, but the average is about three to five, although recently "She's Got Cooties" and "Once We're Over the Line" were done in two.

Wayne's a single (as in "unmarried") guy, so he's able to mix well into the night, but he's also a single (as in "only one") guy. His day job as a guitar instructor also keeps him quite busy. He might have as many as 10-20 students in a day.

This past week, Wayne's teaching schedule increased dramatically, and he also had chiropractor and physical therapy appointments to attend. Furthermore, his aunt died. We'd appreciate your prayers for him. Wayne works very hard for us, and he's a real gentle soul.

The good news is that the new songs are sounding splendid. One of them just needs a little more splendor before we can send it to you. And we've already finished up the tracks for one of the songs on the single after that, and we plan to finish the other one next week.

ApX Radio Show Now on Air in the UK
January 31, 2019, 1:44 pm EST

We're pleased to announce that the weekly radio program ApologetiX with an X" is now also carried on the Cornerstone Christian Network in the United Kingdom, with a potential four million listeners.

The 54th episode of the show airs this weekend. You can catch this week's show at these times:

Saturday, February 2, at 7 p.m. CDT
Sunday, February 3, at 7 p.m. CDT
Monday, February 4, at 11 a.m. CDT

Note: All times are Central Standard Time.

This hour-long show of ApologetiX music and interviews now airs on multiple stations in the Northeast, Midwest, and Northwest, but originates from KHCA Angel 95 FM in Manhattan KS. But you don't have to live in Kansas to listen. Here are three other options:

Tune In (on over 200 devices) Angel 95 fm
Phone apps for Android and Apple

1200 Tracks for $100 Extended Another Week
January 31, 2019, 4:48 pm EST

In light of our current financial needs and the delay of latest single, we're extending our "1200 Tracks for $100" offer into February.

We're giving our complete library on download to everyone who donates $100 or more. That's over 1200 tracks, including various versions (studio, live, rarity, album, single, EP, revised, remastered, etc.), plus side projects.

Standard CDs 1993-2018 (677 tracks)
Remastered Classics CDs (229 tracks)
Singles, EPs, Rarities, Side Projects (297 tracks)

Just make your donation at http://www.apologetix.com/store/store-donate.php

After we receive your donation, we'll send you an email with links for all the downloads. Want to gift our library to a friend? Tell us their name, and we'll write 'em a personal email saying it's a gift from you. We'll send it and cc: you (or you can send it yourself).

Offer now ends Sunday, February 10, at 11:59 p.m. PDT.

Get Multiple Downloads for One Donation
January 31, 2019, 2:14 pm EST

There are now 119 singles/EPs (245 songs) in our "downloads for a donation" series, including our latest single, "A Day in the Loaf" and "Stay Deceased," featuring The Beatles and The Faces. Want to donate once and get multiple downloads?

Just make a donation for any amount you like at http://www.apologetix.com/store/store-donate.php and send an email listing the downloads you want. Use the subject line "My Downloads Choices" and send the email to j@apologetix.com. Don't respond to this email.

Here's a complete list of the downloads, so you can copy and paste the titles you want into your email.

1. Orchard Avenue (4 parodies of the Beatles)
2. Churchigo II (2 parodies of Chicago)
3. Transformed Soul (Blues Brothers, James Brown, Sam & Dave)
4. Brush/Cousin Zephaniah (ZZ Top, Bryan Adams)
5. Such Impressive Loving Smart Close Friends/With Little Help from My Friends (Beatles)
6. Devil Fell/Calling Dr. Luke (Billy Idol, Kiss)
7. Rollin' in the Yeast/I Want That Crown (Steely Dan, Tom Petty)
8. Flirtin' with the Pastor/Jezebel (Molly Hatchet, No Doubt)
9. Gimme Some Sign (Cream, Led Zeppelin, and Rolling Stones)
10. Moose Tracks (Alanis Morissette, Foo Fighters, Goo Goo Dolls)
11. Goodnews/Talk and I'll Walk (Kenny Loggins, Elton John)
12. Fly Like Ezekiel/Hell Smells (Steve Miller, AC/DC)
13. We're Not Goin' to Canaan/Let's Redo the Music (Twisted Sister, Doobie Brothers)
14. You're So Plain/These Streams (Carly Simon, Heart)
15. Old Man/Fearful (Blues Brothers, Ides of March)
16. Take Jude/Hit 'em with Your Slingshot (Beatles, Pat Benatar)
17. One in Three (Eagles, Oasis, Joan Osborne)
18. Proving My Religion/God's Own Son (REM, Soundgarden)
19. Servin' the Father/Set Him Free (Beach Boys, Beatles)
20. Another One Died for Us/Bad Case of Leprosy (Queen, Robert Palmer)
21. Herman's Sermon/Feelin' Stronger in the Faith (Herman's Hermits, Chicago)
22. Must Seem Silly/Seek Out God to Be Free (Commitments, Rascals)
23. Grinch Girl/Hanukkah (Hall & Oates, Donna Summer)
24. The Whole Darn Roof Leads/Offer Your Prayer (.38 Special, Simon & Garfunkel)
25. Peace and Quiet (Eagles, Quiet Riot)
26. Journey to Asia (Journey, Asia)
27. Sa-Maria/Resist Him (Brooks & Dunn, Fleetwood Mac)
28. Magdalena/Although None Could Watch an Hour (Los Del Rio, Jimi Hendrix)
29. Too Wicked for Paradise/Scars (Eddie Money, Gary Numan)
30. Let's End the Fight Together/Addicted to Christ (Rolling Stones, Beatles)
31. A Source with No Name/Be Like David Was (America, Bad Company)
32. Pharaoh-noid/Fight for Your Right to Parody (Black Sabbath, Beastie Boys)
33. Act Selfless/He Spoke (Alannah Myles, Billy Squier)
34. Desperate Queen/Psalms Come True (ABBA, Neil Diamond)
35. We Got the Feet/Sheba (Go-Go's, Cyndi Lauper)
36. Tufftumbling/Patients (Chumbawamba, Guns N' Roses)
37. Treading on Poisonous Scorpions (Poison, Scorpions)
38. Talking Inner Peace/To Be Rebuked (Romantics, Mr. Big)
39. I Dealt with You/Could He Choose You (Modern English, Adam Ant)
40. Nicky/I Love Apostle Paul (Toni Basil, Joan Jett)
41. Costly Truth/Try and Try Again (Motley Crue, Ozzy Osbourne)
42. Strange Cat, But/A Fool Can Sound Intelligent (Stray Cats, Elvin Bishop)
43. Christ's Wedding/I Can't Escape (Billy Idol, Who)
44. Keep on Loving Ruth/Clothing Time (REO Speedwagon, Semisonic)
45. I Went in the Stream/Iran (Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton, A Flock of Seagulls)
46. Anteater/Faithless Love (Hall & Oates, Soft Cell)
47. Lily-White Boy/Separate Days (Foreigner, Journey)
48. Jephthah You Needed/Complain (Cars, Eric Clapton)
49. Lotsa Versions/Brash, Impulsive (Madonna, Pretenders)
50. Bought by the Egyptians/Rose Up (Bangles, April Wine)
51. Man on the Run/These Books God Made You're Mockin' (Paul McCartney & Wings, Nancy Sinatra)
52. Angels & Demons (J. Geils Band, Doors)
53. The Man They Call Zechariah/Doubter (Steppenwolf, Pearl Jam)
54. Easter/Schoolhouse (For Prophets) (Commodores, Alice Cooper)
55. Haggai Led the Way/Reading Habakkuk (Peter Frampton, The Firm)
56. What's in Nahum/Hosea (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Steely Dan)
57. Romantic Letter/Holy Land (Box Tops, Hootie & the Blowfish)
58. Barak & Deborah/It's Still Got the Joel You Need (Steve Miller, Billy Joel)
59. Micah/Obed-Edom, Obadiah (David Essex, Beatles)
60. Amos/Malachi (Derek and the Dominos, Genesis)
61. Killing My Suffering with His Son/Beggar's Feet (Roberta Flack, Gerry Rafferty)
62. Garden My Heart/You've Got a Text (Quarterflash, James Taylor)
63. Message in the Bible/Cunning is the Devil (Police, Van Halen)
64. There Are Wolves Among Us/Nightmare Waiting (Warren Zevon, Richard Marx)
65. HardLabor/Living Loving Faith (Led Zeppelin)
66. Blabbed Through the Phone/All You Gotta Do (George Thorogood, Sheryl Crow)
67. The Bible Countdown/God's Zealot (Europe, Blue Öyster Cult)
68. The Sound of Sirens/Tasty Plants (Disturbed, Men Without Hats)
69. Can We Drive Our Sins Too Far?/God's Presence (Chicago, Green Day)
70. Child of God/Tried to Find Lots of Ways (Earth, Wind & Fire, Eddie Rabbitt)
71. Outnumbered/Good King (Men at Work, Fine Young Cannibals)
72. Grandma Got Won Over by a Stranger/God's Child in the City (Elmo & Patsy, Nick Gilder)
73. Speech Police/Sinning Will (Cheap Trick, Blood, Sweat & Tears)
74. Doubt is Not Allowed/I Feel the Earth Proves (KISS, Carole King)
75. Confiscated/Remember (Lot's Wife) (Avril Lavigne, Collective Soul)
76. Ground Shook Here/Learning Blasphemies (Rolling Stones, Vapors)
77. Feels Like in First John/Leviticus Can't Be Done (Foreigner, Spin Doctors)
78. Noah Man/Makes Me Cranky (Beatles, Tommy James & the Shondells)
79. Selling the Dogma/Role Never Changes (Live, REO Speedwagon)
80. Lethargy/Phony Ol' Lie (Tom Petty, John Cougar Mellencamp)
81. Dweebs/Turn to Luke (Van Halen, Loverboy)
82. Don't Tell Me We're Lucky/No Exclusions (Night Ranger, Alice in Chains)
83. Treading on Poisonous Scorpions Vol. 2 (Poison, Scorpions)
84. You Give Up on Bad Days/Nain (Bon Jovi, Goo Goo Dolls)
85. Boys Are Scary/Once You See Truth, You Can't Unsee It ('Til Tuesday, REM)
86. Expected to Love/Born in the Jewish Faith (Robert Palmer, Bruce Springsteen)
87. Thankfully/Works (Journey, Missing Persons)
88. The Man Born to Scale the Mountain/Free Indeed (Rainbow, AC/DC)
89. Churchigo III (Chicago, Joe Bonamassa)
90. You're Mad at What?/Pick It Up (Badfinger, KISS)
91. You Might Stink/Show Us the Way (The Cars, The Raspberries)
92. Churchigo IV (Chicago, Blood, Sweat & Tears)
93. Paranormal/Maybe Madonna (Kinks, Beatles)
94. Straight Street/Casket Place (Bob Seger, Green Day)
95. Bible O'Really/On the Road, Away from Home (The Who, John Denver)
96. Ignorant Song/Grass So Green (Led Zeppelin, Stone Temple Pilots)
97. Head Over Here/You Gotta Go (Tears for Fears, Alanis Morissette)
98. Babel Babel/Can't Buy Free Love (David Bowie, The Beatles)
99. Triune Godhead/An Old King in the New Age (Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols)
100. Going to Forget Our Bad Deeds/Selfish Sheep (Simple Minds, The Offspring)
101. Place of Grace/Nabal Was a Mean Guy (Motörhead, Spacehog)
102. The Nazarene & The Gadarenes (Foreigner, The Traveling Wilburys)
103. No More Mr. Wise Guy/You're Really Godly (Alice Cooper, Van Halen)
104. Can't Fight This Kneeling/Crossloads (REO Speedwagon, Cream)
105. Some Doubt/ (I Just) Died and Arose (Gordon Lightfoot, Cutting Crew)
106. The Very Last City/L.S.F. (Guns N' Roses, Elton John)
107. Bad Foreign Girls/Campaign to Jehovah (Queen, Oasis)
108. She's Got Cooties/Dumb Questions (The Tubes, The Kinks)
109. The War in You/Bad Things for a Good Time (Scandal, Poison)
110. Embarrassing Moments/Soakin' in the Lord's Book (The Guess Who, Brownsville Station)
111. It's a Long Way to the Dock (if You Wanna Stop in Rome/Everybody Burps (AC/DC, REM)
112. That's Saul/Busted God's Laws (Genesis, J. Geils Band)
113. She's Not Dead/Read Isaiah (The Zombies/Sugarloaf)
114. Call Me the Priest/A Loan for You (Lynyrd Skynyrd/Live)
115. Taken Up/Take the Wrong Way Home (The Cars/Supertramp)
116. Marry Mary/Turn Up the Ray of Hope (The Monkees/Autograph)
117. The Wonder of Christmas/Once We're Over the Line (Stevie Wonder/Brewer & Shipley)
118. Eve Looks Back/Jewish Farm (Fleetwood Mac/Paul McCartney & Wings)
119. A Day in the Loaf/Stay Deceased (The Beatles/The Faces)

Donations are not tax-deductible but help keep this ministry going.

New USB Drives in Stock
January 31, 2019, 1:44 pm EST

We recently got a new shipment of our customized USB flash drives this week.

Each USB drive includes all 53 ApologetiX CDs plus any parodies (singles or otherwise) or rarities we've released that aren't on CD, and our digital songbook.

They're available for a donation of $150 or more. If you've donated for our complete library before, they're available for a donation of $50 or more. http://apologetix.com/store/store.php#USB.

How to Donate Online or by Mail
January 31, 2019, 2:15 pm EST

If you'd like to donate to the ministry of ApologetiX, you can do so online at http://www.apologetix.com/store/store-donate.php

If you prefer to mail a check or money order, please make it out to "ApologetiX" and send it to:

208 Charlemma Drive
Pittsburgh PA 15214-1414

Although the donations are not tax-deductible, they will be received very gratefully and used immediately. Thank you and God bless you.

P.S. Prayers are priceless and always appreciated!

Luke 5:16
But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.

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