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New CD BOGO, Other Imporant News: It Ain't Over
December 20, 2020, 12:11 am EST
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New CD BOGO & Other Updates >>

It Ain't Over by a Longshot >>

Evidence Much? Evidence, Much! Pt. 1 (Video) >>

Evidence Much? Evidence, Much! Pt. 2 (Website) >>

Evidence Much? Evidence, Much! Pt. 3 (New Report) >>

What's the Fox Say? The Sequel >>

Two Other National Security Issues This Week >>

Another Midlife Confession >>

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Wanna Help the Band?

We're often asked if we accept donations. Yes we do. Like other ministries, we have many expenses. Although the donations aren't tax deductible, they are immediately put to good use. If you'd like to donate, thanks.

J. Jackson, lead singer and lyricist for ApologetiX here.

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? We got a lot of snow this week here in Pittsburgh. My kids had school cancelled on Wednesday and Thursday, and I had a lot of shoveling to do.

Yesterday, ApX guitarist and pastor Tom Milnes and I were talking and praying about our nation's current situation, and he mentioned Isaiah 55 and how God likens the effect of rain and snow to the effect of His Word.

All of that reminded me of our old parody "Flurry," a song that appears on our Classics: Christmas CD. These are the opening lines:

Everything's snow flurries and everyone's snow flakes
Whatever God has sent you as evidence, that snow adds up
It all combines and now you cannot lift it off
Like a branch you're bound to somehow bend or fall

In this week's newsletter, I'm going to talk a little bit more about evidence. In last week's issue, I related how I had made the following statement to my wife about the evidence of massive voter fraud in the 2020 election:

"Look, if atheists deny the existence of God, and many religious rulers in Jerusalem denied the resurrection of Jesus, why should we be surprised that folks are denying the evidence of this?"

A longtime fan and friend In Wisconsin replied, "this issue is so, so minor compared to the evidence that Jesus is Who He is. So to suggest that this issue comes close to rivaling that one or that the evidence in this case is anywhere near that one would've turned me off if I were in the 6%."

That person is a learned, godly man, so if my statement rankled him, it may have done so with others. Let me clarify: First of all, in that newsletter, I followed up my statement immediately with "Make no mistake: I am not looking to anybody other than Jesus to be my Savior."

Second, I was using a form of argumentation known as "arguing from the greater to the lesser" (a maiore ad minus). I was saying, if they don't believe in God and the Resurrection of Jesus (which should be the most obvious things in the world), how in the world can we expect them to believe in voter fraud (where evidence is being deliberately suppressed)?

I took a logic class in college. Loved it. Speaking of logic, as I told that friend, I have so much info I'd like to share with you, I wish I could do a Vulcan mind meld like Spock on Star Trek. Otherwise, it's like trying to take a sip out of a fire hose. I have little doubt that if you'd seen all that I've seen in the past six weeks, you'd reach the same conclusions.

I don't blame you for being skeptical or for thinking I'm taking this too seriously. But, as I said before, I feel God has led me to take a stand here and to speak up, and I must, because my conscience compels me. I am not an apologist for Trump; I am apologist for truth. I also received the following message this week from a longtime fan in Illinois:

"I was thinking earlier about how totally appropriate it was for you to write your big December 5 newsletter. Apologetics is fundamentally about defending truth. To exclude what is going on in the world and 'only talk about the Bible' is to imagine that Christianity exists in a vacuum.

"The Bible is a lamp unto our feet in a dark world. It necessarily impacts our worldview. If we're to be salt and light, we have an obligation to expose error and lies in society. I'm proud of you for writing it and taking the risk of losing favor with some for the greater purpose of shedding light in dark times and encouraging the body of Christ."

I appreciate that so much! OK, I'll have more to say about all that later in this issue, but first, let me tell you about our new CD.

New CD BOGO & Other Updates
December 19, 2020, 5:03 pm EST

We don't want to distract from the main message of this newsletter, but we also have news about our new CD (including a BOGO special) and a few weekly features our fans look for, so we've included links to those stories below:

Buy Our Next CD, Get 1 of 34 Free

Bible-Reading Update

The 365-Day Album Challenge: Wk 32

How to Donate & How to Get Multiple MP3s

It Ain't Over Till It's Over, and It Ain't Over
December 19, 2020, 4:23 pm EST

J. Jackson here again.

December 8 was the so-called "safe harbor" date regarding the U.S. Presidential election. After this, YouTube posted a warning that they were going to start taking down any videos that called the election into question. No censorship to see here, eh?

This past Monday, December 14, was the day that the Electoral College met to certify the vote from the U.S. Election on November 3. As expected, the mainstream media went full force in an attempt to convince the public that Joe Biden is now going to be the 46th President of the United States and that everything is now settled.

Don't believe them. All of that can still be overturned. The only set date in the Constitution is January 20 at noon.

In case you missed it, also on December 14, Republicans in disputed states sent alternate slates of electors for Trump. By the end of the day, they had done so in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico. If everything was over, as the mainstream media wants you to believe, there would be no reason for that to occur.

That was done as a safeguard for coming weeks, because there are still a number of cases about the election (not just by the Trump legal team but by several other sources) making their way through the courts and other developments happening within state legislatures of those states. In fact, a number of encouraging, amazing, and astounding things happened this past week.

If you were watching the mainstream media, you may not even have heard about them. There is too much to relate in a single newsletter. I personally sent two updates this week with more details to fans who had responded positively to our last two newsletters.

The following article from December 14 will explain in more detail why the alternate slates of electors were sent: https://thenationalpulse.com/breaking/miller-alternate-elecors/

Evidence Much? Evidence, Much! Pt. 1 (Video)
December 19, 2020, 4:37 pm EST

J. Jackson here again.

Did you ever wish there was a documentary-style video that could give you a crash course as to why crazy people like me are making such a fuss about alleged widespread voter fraud in the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election?

Wish granted. This video came out on Monday, and I highly recommend it. If you're already a person who knows about the fraud, I recommend you share it with anybody you know who is open to learning about the election fraud and willing to look at the details.

The video investigates election fraud as the case developed, with lots of interviews and footage, and it also discusses the connection to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its infiltration of American politics. It's 93 minutes long.


Note: This video is an overview. If you want more in-depth stuff, check out the next article for another great resource.

Evidence Much? Evidence, Much! Pt. 2 (Website)
December 19, 2020, 9:32 pm EST

The video we shared in our previous article is a good intro about fraud in the 2020 U.S. Presidential election, but if you want to really check out the evidence in detail after that, check out this page: https://www.electionevidence.com

They have documented the evidence of election fraud and categorized it, and the newer stuff isn't just at the top. And they will keep updating it. A very valuable resource.

Keep scrolling once you get to that site, because there are tons and tons of links to videos and articles.

Categories (and each category has multiple subsets) include:

1. Democrats calling for election integrity before the election, including in recent years, and raising questions about the voting machines

2. First-hand witness accounts of election fraud.

3. Statistical questions about the election.

4. More statistical questions about the election.

5. Statistical anomalies

6. Evidence of statistical impossibilities

7. Evidence of data glitches, vote dumps, and algorithmic computer fraud within the election

8. Algorithmic fraud being used within the election

9. Voting machine vulnerabilities have been a longstanding problem

10. Dominion, Smartmatic, and voting machine software

11. Smartmatic ties to Venezuela, the Philippines and election fraud

12. The shutdowns, pauses, and breaks in counting on election night

13. Wide scale election fraud in targeted areas - overview

13a. Wide scale election fraud in targeted areas - Michigan, including special section on Antrim County and the 22 Dominion Voting Machines

13b. Wide scale election fraud in targeted areas - Pennsylvania

13c. Wide scale election fraud in targeted areas - Georgia, including special section on the Fulton County hidden ballot video casae

13d. Wide scale election fraud in targeted areas - Nevada

13e. Wide scale election fraud in targeted areas - Wisconsin

13f. Wide scale election fraud in targeted areas - Arizona

14. U.S.P.S. election fraud in PA (Project Veritas report)

15. Ballots being found in trash or destroyed fraudulently

16. For the history books

17. An introduction to Hammer and Scorecard

18. Foreign intelligence, connections to the election, and Scytl

And, just as this newsletter was ready to go to print, we discovered another website with all the evidence catalogued in a different format. Check this one out, too: https://hereistheevidence.com

Evidence Much? Evidence, Much! Pt. 3 (New Report)
December 19, 2020, 4:42 pm EST

On Thursday, December 17, Peter Navarro released a 30-page report detailing massive fraud plaguing the 2020 election.

As Navarro states in the executive summary, "The report assesses the fairness and integrity of the 2020 Presidential Election by examining six dimensions of alleged election irregularities across six key battleground states.

"Evidence used to conduct this assessment includes more than 50 lawsuits and judicial rulings, thousands of affidavits and declarations, testimony in a variety of state venues, published analyses by think tanks and legal centers, videos and photos, public comments, and extensive press coverage."

Navarra has both an MPA and a PhD from Harvard. If you can't read the entire report, read the summary at the beginning and the conclusion.

This article in The National Pulse gives a summary of highlights of the report AND also includes the full report


What's the Fox Say? The Sequel
December 19, 2020, 4:56 pm EST

J. Jackson back again with more.

In our December 5 newsletter, I included an article about a deliberate political shift made by Fox News and the network's drastic decline in ratings since then.

A couple of fans expressed skepticism about my conclusions.

One of them said, "You write, 'Fox has obviously made a business decision to shift toward the left. Meanwhile, their ratings have plummeted as viewers have left them in droves.' Can you see that this makes no sense? Fox already had the highest rating of any network. Why would they decide to move to the left and risk what has in fact happened, a loss of viewers? Perhaps they really have been reporting the news as they see it."

Another said, "And to suggest that Fox is no longer conservative or is somehow in cahoots is a bit of a stretch."

I understand their skepticism, but I respectfully disagree. Fox has made a business decision. The sons of Rupert Murdoch who took over operations are unabashed Biden supporters and have been gradually steering the network toward the left. Right after the media announced several weeks ago that Biden had been elected president, the wife of one of the sons, James, tweeted "We did it!!!!"

The article below will explain more. I didn't reach my conclusion from reading that article. The article came out on 12/8/20, three days after we published the newsletter, and it crystallizes many of my though:


Fox has also allowed Trump adversary Paul Ryan to have a much larger role in their organization. This info is all well documented. But here's an article from 15 months ago, after Ryan climbed aboard, that wrote about it. Note that it's written by Business Insider, not some "right-wing fringe" publication. Perhaps you'll trust that source?


If you don't read the article, the headline is "Former House Speaker Paul Ryan reportedly wants to use his position on Fox's board to 'do something' about Trump." Hint: In case you don't read the article, he doesn't want to "do something nice" about Trump.

A lot of Republicans also hate Donald Trump. He's not a traditional Republican; he's a populist. The old-time GOP establishment doesn't like him. That includes Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, the Bush Brothers, and many others.

This is not about Democrats vs. Republicans. This is about Globalists vs. Nationalists. And, unfortunately, it's also about Communists. More on that later.

Note: There are still occasional bright spots on Fox, like Mark Levin on Saturday nights, and on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs and Maria Bartiroma. At least for now.

Two Other National Security Issues This Week
December 19, 2020, 7:20 pm EST

J. Jackson here yet again.

There are two other national security issues in the news this week that I'd like to draw to your attention:

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

If you haven't been following the news closely in the past week (or if you've only seen mainstream news), you don't know all of the stuff that is coming out about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its ties to many U.S. citizens in high government offices and corporate America.

Now, you may already know about the CCP's ties to the Biden family if you've been following the story regarding all the information discovered on the laptop of Joe Biden's son Hunter before the election (which mainstream media deliberately ignored and tried to pass off as "Russian disinformation, with the exception of Fox News and the New York Post).

Some of the mainstream media is actually starting to follow up on that and admit it's legitimate. But there have been other developments in the past week that show an even deeper link between the CCP and those in power in the United States.

Last Sunday, it was announced that there has been a major leak of official records from the Chinese Communist Party. It is believed to be the first leak of its kind in the world. The leak exposes Chinese Communist Party members living all over the world and includes businesses. It is a massive database of over 2.4 million people. The list includes Australians, Britons, and 52,000 Americans.

This is where the story first broke: https://www.skynews.com.au/details/_6215946537001?fbclid=IwAR2VOMx1LWcGQsopU9108EpnSyqC4tVFhrIq44SuKKIU9gIfOrRwQwTXc38

There has been plenty of follow-up since. Here's a brief article from the following day:

Here's a more comprehensive article about China flooding America with spies. It's written by Gordon Chang, an expert on China and Chinese-U.S. relations.:

This came on the heels of the revelation the previous week that California Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell had a prior sexual relationship with a suspected CCP spy, Christine Fang, and this was not her only relationship with an American in political power. Furthermore, Swalwell is a member of the House Intelligence Committee.

More has since come out on that story. Here are a couple articles you can check out:



Out on Twitter these days, more and more is coming out about connections between U.S. officials (both Democrats and Republicans) and the CCP.

Also, on December 9, documents revealed by Canada's Rebel News Network suggested that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had planned to train China's military in cold-weather tactics at a military base in Ontario — and canceled the program, reluctantly, at the Trump administration's request.



And on top of that, there was another bombshell that dropped last weekend.

Major Cybersecurity Breach

Also, late Sunday night, the CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) issued an emergency directive instructing federal civilian agencies to review their networks and immediately power down SolarWinds Orion products after hackers stole information from the U.S. Treasury Department and a U.S. agency responsible for deciding policy around the internet and telecommunications.

SolarWinds, the maker of software that is used in the highest echelons of government, including the White House and NSA, was compromised by attackers who slipped malicious code into the software maker's trusted code without the software maker knowing it. The code got distributed to its customers. That malicious code, once it infected customer systems, opened a backdoor into those systems and contacted the hackers to let them know the door was open for them to surreptitiously enter those systems and begin stealing sensitive data on those networks.

The hackers did this back in March and their activity was only recently discovered. This means they have been inside government systems all these months stealing data and spying on government workers without anyone knowing until now. They also infected telecoms and other company networks.

SolarWinds is used by all of the U.S. government (The Pentagon, State Department, NASA, NSA, Postal Service, NOAA, Department of Justice, and the Office of the President), all five branches of the U.S. Military — plus 425 of the Fortune 500 companies, all 10 of the top 10 U.S. telecommunications companies, all five of the top five U.S. accounting firms, and hundreds of universities and colleges worldwide.

This is a national security hack conducted by a nation-state and focused on high-value targets/data. Colorado Congressman Jason Crow, a Democrat, tweeted the following on Friday:

"The situation is developing, but the more I learn this could be our modern day, cyber equivalent of Pearl Harbor. Our nation is under assault." I've heard the same terminology used by a number of others to describe it. It's a very big, developing story.

This world is a scary place and getting scarier by the day. Please join me in praying for our nation and the world itself.

Another Midlife Confession and Explanation
December 19, 2020, 5:28 pm EST

In our newsletter two weeks ago, I confessed that my wife and I (and ApX keyboardist Rich Mannion and his wife) attended the March for Trump in Washington DC on November 11, eight days after the election.

As I stated back then, the reason we attended was not to participate in some lovefest for a political candidate. Rather, it was to make statement to the President, government officials, and the press (even though most of them refused to cover it or chose to downplay it) along with hundreds of thousands of other Americans.

This week, I have another confession to make: My wife and I also went to Washington DC for the follow-up March for Trump, last Saturday, December 12.

It was another amazing experience — a wonderful turnout, many famous and inspirational speakers, an incredible spirit of peace and unity, and many, many prayers on behalf of our nation. There were three rallies going on simultaneously at the Supreme Court, the Capitol building, and Freedom Plaza. We spent most of our day at Freedom Plaza before walking to the other sites.

Many pastors spoke. In fact, earlier in the day a large number of Christians did a Jericho March in the city. That began at 9 a.m., and we live too far away to make it that early, but we were there for the main event, which began at noon. We also picked up a longtime ApX fan and friend in Maryland on the way down, and he came along.

This is NOT about politics. This is about something much bigger. This is about the fate of free elections and the fate of the free world. And there are countless Christians who agree with me.

I am not a rally guy. I am not a "rah rah" guy. I am a homebody. I do not miss the road at all as far as touring with ApX. As much as I miss seeing our fans and as much as I love to perform on stage, I don't like to travel much. Don't get me wrong; I love to visit other states, but I'd rather do it with a transporter beam like they had on Star Trek.

It was a sacrifice for me to go those two rallies. Same with my wife, Lisa. But she believes every bit as strongly as I do. As you may recall, she's in MENSA, the high I.Q. society. She has seen all the stuff I have seen.

If you've listened to my lyrics, or read my newsletters over the years, you ought to know that I am not by nature political nor am I conspiracy theorist. At least until I came out with the first of these three newsletters a couple weeks ago. Also, you ought to know how honest I am and how I try to not to make controversial statements.

So you need to ask yourself a question: Why on earth would I — a sane person — put an individual reputation I have spent 56 years building and a band reputation I have spent almost 25 years building on the line for something like this?

The evidence is absolutely overwhelming. But you have to actually be willing to look at it to actually see it.

In Conclusion (for Now)

At times like this, I hear many people saying things like, regardless of what happens, "God is still on the throne."

Yes, of course, God is still on the throne. But as a pastor pointed out last month, God was also on the throne when slavery was happening in the United States and when Hitler was exterminating Jews in World War II. That doesn't mean He approved of those things. And God inspires His people to stand up and speak out and try to stop unrighteousness and evil.

I believe that in the days, weeks, and months to come, you will learn just how big of a deal this is and what the ramifications are. I already know, because I've been watching it unfold daily for the past month and a half. There is an unbelievable amount of corruption and deception being exposed, with more coming out every day.

In the Bible, in Kings 1, there is also a story about something that happened when King David grew old. His rightful successor was Solomon (David had made that clear), but another of David's sons, Adonijah, decided he would set himself up as king. He gathered the support of some of David's key men, General Joab and Abiathar the High Priest.

David was so old and out of touch, he didn't know this was going on. But others resisted this unrighteous attempt to usurp authority and came forward and spoke up — notably Nathan the prophet and Bathsheba. Those two saw that an unrighteous power move was being made. They could have just stood by and said, "Well, God is still on the throne." But they took action and spoke to David. And the coup was stopped.

Yes, I know Time magazine just named Joe Biden and Kamala Harris its "Persons of the Year." Do you know that Time magazine named Adolf Hitler its Man of the Year in 1938? And Joseph Stalin in 1939 and 1942? If you had a chance to go back and stop those two men from rising to power, would you? I don't mean would you assassinate them, I just mean would you try to stop them if it required you to speak out? Or would you just say, "Well, God's still on the throne."

I believe you would do something about it. That's what I'm doing. Do I think that Joe Biden is as diabolical as Hitler or Stalin? No. I do believe he is corrupt (and there is plenty of evidence of that coming out) but that he is merely a person being used by others who are much more powerful and corrupt.

Did you take the time to read the articles I included in that first newsletter about the Great Reset? I included articles from Messianic Jews in Israel, from The Hill, and from the Great Reset's own website. It's no joke. There are some very famous, wealthy, and powerful people involved and not hiding that fact that they favor a one-world government. And they are very, very, very much pulling for Joe Biden to win this.

So are the enemies of the United States — most notably the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and Iran. They are not just enemies of our country. They are outspoken enemies of Christianity. So this is a big deal.

I do not expect this newsletter to convince all of our fans. What I do want it to do is to give them pause. If it's too much to handle right now, then store away what I say and the info I gave you for another day. Keep praying that God will reveal the truth and HIs will to both you and me. And I will do the same.

1 Kings 22:8
The king of Israel answered Jehoshaphat, "There is still one prophet through whom we can inquire of the LORD, but I hate him because he never prophesies anything good about me, but always bad. He is Micaiah son of Imlah." "The king should not say such a thing," Jehoshaphat replied.

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