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Christmas Wrap-Up, Gifts for Fans from Rich
December 26, 2020, 10:39 pm EST
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New CDs in Stock Tuesday, >>

New USBs Have All 61 CDs >>

ApX Keyboardist Has Gifts for You (2 New Songs) >>

More from Micah, ApX Alum on Amazon >>

More Encouraging Responses to Our Newsletters >>

Bible Reading Update >>

Album Challenge: Week 33 >>

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Photos from the Road

We try to take as many pictures of our concerts and fans as possible, and we have a bunch from our concert in Gahanna, OH on Sat., Nov 12.

See the photos from Gahanna, OH and other concerts.

Come to the Show
Nov. 30, 1999 at 12:00 am
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Were You There?

Fans love to look up the photos on our website, and email them around. These are the ten most recent concerts that we have no photos from. Pick any concert you have photos for and please upload them.

1. Pittsburgh, PA  03.28.15
2. Barrington, RI  10.18.14
3. Harleysville, PA  10.17.14
4. Chesaning, MI  07.10.10

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Wanna Help the Band?

We're often asked if we accept donations. Yes we do. Like other ministries, we have many expenses. Although the donations aren't tax deductible, they are immediately put to good use. If you'd like to donate, thanks.

J. Jackson, lead singer and lyricist for ApologetiX here.

Merry Christmas! My family and I usually have Christmas dinner with ApX bassist Keith Haynie and his family, but circumstances beyond our control put the kibosh on that this year. We stayed home and ate grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.

Traditionally, the Haynies have a Christmas party for friends earlier in December. That got cancelled, too. Keith loves to dress like Santa at those parties. He also has a dog named Max. Maybe all the time away from Keith cleared my head, but I suddenly had an alarming thought:

Did you ever notice how you never see Keith and the Grinch in the same place at the same time? When I finally couldn't bear it any longer, I confronted Keith about it via text. "That's me before I got saved," he replied. "My heart has grown at least three times since then." Whew!

We didn't watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas this year, but I did make my family watch the first 75 minutes of Jesus of Nazareth. The whole thing is 374 minutes long, but the section we watched tells the story of Jesus' birth and childhood wonderfully and powerfully.

I've probably told you this before, but Jesus of Nazareth is my all-time favorite movie. That's mainly because Jesus of Nazareth is my all-time favorite person. There are many scenes I love throughout the film, and I got choked up at a couple moments yesterday.

I saw another great new movie this week. It's not about anybody remotely as important as Jesus (because nobody is), but it is factual, and I highly recommend you watch it. And it's only 18 minutes long. It's called "The Plot to Steal America":


Speaking of stealing, did you know that the world's smartest man (with an I.Q. of 200), is convinced that the 2020 U.S. election was stolen? You can read all about it here:


Now, just because the world's smartest man believes it doesn't make it true, but it does make it worth checking out. Unfortunately, many people still refuse. Yesterday, I watched a message called "Christmas is NOT Cancelled" by attorney Rudy Giuliani, in which he said the following:

"And as I approach Christmas, I pray to Jesus that we can fix this — we can have some point at which were gonna have an honest, calm discussion of these facts in a courtroom where a judge will allow us to present this evidence "

You can find a link to Rudy's video message in this article:

Scroll down past the first photo. Beneath that, you'll find another photo that you can click on to watch the video. The whole video is great. It's about 38 minutes long, and Rudy makes the statement shortly after the 28:00 mark.

We continue to get many encouraging emails from fans responding to our last three newsletters about the 2020 election and other disturbing events happening in this country and the world. You can read many of those comments in the fifth article below. But first, here's some band news:

New CDs in Stock Tuesday (Buy 1, Get 1 of 34)
December 26, 2020, 4:26 pm EST

Our 61st CD, Overdue Books, will be in stock by Tuesday, December 29. Order now, and you'll get the MP3 download immediately.

You'll also get an extra Overdue Books CD free with every one you buy. Or choose from 33 other titles. For more info, go to:


New USBs Have All 61 CDs
December 26, 2020, 4:20 pm EST

Our new batch of USB thumb drives even includes our upcoming CD, Overdue Books!

Emblazoned with the ApologetiX logo, the USBs include the digital versions of all 61 of our CDs, plus any parodies or rarities we've released that aren't on those CDs, plus the 2016 edition of our digital songbook.

They're available for a donation of $150 or more. If you've donated for our complete library before, they're available for a donation of $50 or more.


ApX Keyboardist Has Gifts for You (2 New Songs)
December 26, 2020, 1:46 pm EST

ApX keyboardist Rich Mannion has a Christmas gift for our fans: two great new songs you can download for free.

One is Rich's masterful prog-rock instrumental version of "The First Noel." It's a very clever, beautiful, and magnificent arrangement. He's a one-man Trans-Siberian Orchestra!

The other is an original song about the current state of this world called "Gaslight." Rich wrote it, sang it, and played all of the instruments, too. It's a rocker with great lyrics and music. It reminds us a little of the bands King's X and Living Colour.

You can download them both for free at:


Rich climbed aboard the ApologetiX train in April 2018. He was recommended to us by ApX alum keyboardist/producer Bill Hubauer.

Rich's first song with us was "L.S.F.," released in early July 2018. He did such a great job that we haven't let him alone since! Thankfully, he's always up for a challenge. Furthermore, he's always up to the challenge.

Counting our latest single, "All You Need Is Done," Rich has played keyboards on 75 our parodies, sung backing vocals on 12 of them, and provided additional guitars on one of them. He can play many different instruments and sing many different parts, but he focuses on keyboards and backing vocals for ApX.

It's a good thing for us that Rich can multitask, because during the time he's been with ApX he's also been the keyboardist with the award-winning blues group Bobby Thompson and the Groove and the staff pianist for The Wheeling Jamboree in Wheeling WV.

He and his wife, Danette, live in Industry PA. We are very grateful that God brought them into the ApX family.

While we're here, we'd like to wish Rich a belated happy birthday. The blessed event was on November 12, but we weren't putting out any newsletters at the time, so we didn't get to properly recognize it.

More from Micah, ApX Alum on Amazon
December 26, 2020, 1:18 pm EST

Two weeks ago, our newsletter included a story about ApX alum Micah Clausen's Amazon store, a great place for holiday gift shopping, with about 750 different items (housewares, toys, office items, tools, clothing, novelties, and much more) at great prices.

If you missed the story, here's a link to it:

Now Micah has a follow-up message for ApX fans:

"Thank you to everybody who bought Iconikal products for your Christmas celebrations. I want to let you know that we have a variety of products for everyday use as well.

"Starting with New Years. My company produced a New Years Eve Party Napkin. They are beautifully designed and selling at about half of what they would sell for in most stores.


"We also have Magnetic Photo Sleeves. People love putting pictures on their refrigerator. These are the best way to do that. They hold a standard 4x6 picture into and have a protective plastic cover.


"In addition to that, we have Birthday Plates & Napkins. These are a lot of fun and great for all ages. Also selling for about half of what you will find them for in most stores."


Micah's Amazon seller name is Iconikal. You can find his store at: https://www.amazon.com/iconikal

More Encouraging Responses to Our Newsletters
December 26, 2020, 4:10 pm EST

Our last three newsletters have generated an enormous amount of mail, and the responses continue to be shockingly, overwhelmingly positive.

Here are some more excerpts from emails and messages we have received. To protect the identities of those people in the midst of this "cancel culture," we have not listed their names or cities, but we have listed their initials and sorted the responses by states in alphabetical order.

We've even included two emails from fans in Australia! Yes, they're concerned about country (and our world), too.

Many of these people wrote longer emails, but space does not allow us to include everything they said. But we've tried to keep them in context:

I appreciate your courage to speak the truth about your concerns, and have been frustrated with others who lack boldness. My own pastor of a multi-site church will not say how he cast his vote, not wanting to offend, and I have seen other Christian musicians on Facebook talking about how no Christian with a clear conscience could vote for such a man as Trump, that we have all been conned. Trump is a polarizing figure, certainly, but he has governed far more effectively and conservatively than I ever imagined possible. I think you have a good grasp of the political realities. I appreciate all the information sources you provided. Keep on leading and speaking the truth. I appreciate it, and I hope this email is some slight encouragement to you.


Just finished reading your latest newsletter; preach it brother! Thank you for your honesty, obedience, and well-written and respectful laying out the truth. I really appreciate you providing the alternate links and places to get info.


I just read your Dec 5 newsletter. You really captured my feelings; I appreciate how well you articulated them. I have been stunned by the bold lies being propagated, it's exasperating and frustrating to me. Thank you for being brave enough to speak the truth. Keep writing/singing/playing, ApologetiX is an ongoing ministry to me.

Dad and I completely agree with everything you sent in those major emails lately!! Thanks sending those out!


I really appreciated your last email; it really touched my heart — I had to stop and pray part way through. I needed to hear your message. Thank you.

I believe you're right on the money with respect to our current political situation. I couldn't agree with you more. I admire you for speaking up. I shared the first email from you, with both sons, one of which led me to ApologetiX in the first place. We (my family) are all deeply concerned about the future of our country. Part of me wonders if this is not prophecy fulfilled, the other part asks, what should I be doing? I do pray for the leaders of our country.


I want you to know how glad I am that you spoke out about these issues, and we need to keep praying for our nation and for revival. I checked out some of the information you included, and I have already been seeing similar things in what I have been reading, primarily through a few of others on Twitter who you may want to check out: Eric Metaxas, Dinesh D'Souza, and Joel Rosenberg. They are all excellent authors as well.


You hit it out of the park again! Bravo! We need more Christians like you who are willing to put their livelihood on the line for the truth! Please keep it up!


If you do happen to lose fans then they're immature and don't deserve your honesty and integrity. There is little if anything I can add to what you said except I'm entirely with you. I get my news from some of the same sources you listed and already knew about things like deep state, reset, and other realities that are so beyond fiction that it forces one to become a crackpot conspiracy theorist because as incredible as it is, it's showing itself to be true. In one sense, we should not be surprised given the devil's schemes and deception power but, with the Holy Spirit still restraining, it's weirdly surreal to witness a Hollywood style script playing out in real life. Wow!


Nicely done. You spoke the truth, and from your heart, and you've kept your trust and focus clearly on Jesus, while at the same time wanting God to intervene for the sake of good civil life. You walked a tough balance, and took the hard road of speaking up, even with your own ministry and living based on popular response. Thanks for taking the hard road; I have a feeling we will all need to encourage each other to do that, in the coming years.


I wanted to add my encouragement to continue to raise your percentage of positive responses. I really appreciate your dedication to truth in the face of all that is going on in this country. I know how difficult it is to confront the daily outpouring of misinformation, half-truths, and downright lies. My hope, like yours, is in God's sovereignty and faithfulness, not in politicians or media. I know God will give us the strength to fight the good fight, no matter what Satan and his allies throw at us.


I never expected you to be one to discuss politics in a band newsletter, but thank you. Your insight has inspired me to switch party affiliations. I never expected there to be such interference by the CCP & others.


Keep up the fight, J. Know we have your back.

I grieve over any negativity you get. They say, don't talk about religion and politics, but that's not what
Jesus said. Both the world and religious people (scribes and Pharisees) gave him grief. I will always be in
your corner.

I want to thank you for all the time and effort you are putting into getting the truth out there about what is going on in our country. You have pulled together a lot of information and resources that will be helpful to many people. I have forwarded your email to a number of people.


Thank you for taking a stand in your big newsletter. I agree with what you said.


I really appreciated your last email; it really touched my heart — I had to stop and pray part way through. I needed to hear your message. Thank you.

I have wanted to reply to your most important newsletter, but haven't had time until now. I totally agree with your articles and thank you for taking the time to keep us all informed. I have been listening to Behold Israel with Amir for a long time. Please keep updating as you feel led.

Your last two newsletters were real eye-openersm and it really needed to be told. Remember the old saying "There is none so blind as those who cannot see" (or something like that)?

I want to thank you for bringing so much to light to those in ApologetiX fan base. I, too, have researched and found that truth is being hidden away during this election process. Though, it seems most of us back Trump, it's more than that. It's about truth and integrity. Trump brought forth truth of what has been happening in DC and our legislative bodies for years. Without Trump, the general public would have never found the illegalities and underhandedness of our public servants. The problem is, how do we get those in congress to stand for truth for the citizens of the United States? We must continually pray for our congress men and women to be upright, righteous individuals in the sight of God. We must write to our congressmen and women and call them out where needed. Let them know we will hold them accountable in a world where we've lost accountability.


Thanks for sharing your heart on the election. So many of us feel the same way and are praying for GOD's mercy and intervention. May HE have mercy on us as a nation!

Thanks for the links and newsletter info. I sometimes think people in my church are the only ones who see those problems.


Your newsletter ROCKED. I wholeheartedly agree with you about everything!! God bless you for speaking up and speaking truth! When I listened to your song "Can't Fight This Kneeling" a couple months ago, I too was struck by how appropriate it was for 2020 and the censorship going on. We must continue to pray for God to intervene and heal our land.

The evidence is overwhelming! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Like you say, people have been listening to a lie for so long that they can't handle the truth anymore. Trump has done more for the church than any other president! I want to thank you for keeping the faith and telling the truth and not sugarcoating stuff.

Thanks for being willing to outline to the people on your mailing list, the "stuff" going on in the country!


Been following your political thoughts in your emails, and, of course, I think you are right on the money.

I wanted you to know that I appreciate your last email. Americans in general, and Christians in particular, need to heed the message. Thanks for having the courage to say what needed to be said.

I just want to add my support to what you said in the first newsletter. I had a friend of mine telling and warning of this for most of this year, if not for the last four years plus. It is nice to see other Christians who see this. Up till when you sent the newsletter, I was thinking that only I and a few of my Christian friends believe. Funny how much of my church doesn't see it, and I not sure "welcoming" is the right word, but they can't wait til get Trump out and Biden in. Well at least my pastor and the group that I am doing bible study with. Been thinking that maybe I have been thinking wrong all of the years and maybe I should be welcoming Biden in. I glad to know you and so many of your fans also see what is really going on outside of what mainstream media is saying.

Loved, loved, loved your newsletters. You're dead on without being alarmist. Well, as much as anybody can be under the situation. Now is the time to be strong!


Your comments in the previous newsletter were completely proper and biblical. Politics is downstream of culture and culture is shaped by a society's values, which are often based off of religion. Thus, as faithful Christians, we cannot afford to bury our heads in the sand and be ignorant. We are never supposed to be ignorant. That also does not mean we all have to run for office. We should all be informed and prayerful, not allowing ourselves to be deceived. As backslid as the USA may be, we are still a leading nation in evangelizing for Jesus and Israel's best friend. When we fail at either of those things we are doomed as a nation.

I admire how you are taking a big risk for something you feel strongly about. It has given me pause to do some serious reflection. I have seen this topic floating around social media, and I typically just brush it off. In my eyes, you are a more reliable source than most, so I just wanted you to know this had an impact. I'm not saying I agree with all your assertions, but I recognize the need to look harder at the status quo.

Yes, this is truly a matter in which all Americans need to take a stand on. But, of course, not everyone agrees with that advice. I commend you, brother, on your boldness for Christ and the concern for our liberty and freedom here in the United States. I could go on and on about what is taking place as the left try to push more and more socialist ideas on the land of free and the home of the brave. But I believe through prayer and as we boldly take a stand for Jesus and the empowering Holy Spirit of God, we will see great and glorious things happen for the Kingdom. Thank you once again for your testimony and for all the links you provided in the newsletter.

I just wanted to add my voice to the others (and, by extension, my husband's). We are 100% with you on this topic. We appreciate your willingness to take what many consider to be an unpopular stand and that you do so unflinchingly. We have been long-term fans; this merely solidifies that!! It is a joy to know that our favorite Christian musicians are willing to take strong stands for righteousness in whatever arena that they are in (see what I did there? :) My husband also receives your newsletter; I am sure he'll be checking out whatever links he wasn't already aware of. Thank you for taking the time to post them. It is very appreciated.


I also am so thankful for your courageous and truthful stance you have been sharing about the election. Funny how God uses people to do things that they do not want to do, yet here you are. You are helping a lot of people see the light, both biblically and politically. Actually, as you said, it's never been about politics, but about the truth. Our family is praying for strength, wisdom, discernment, and peace as you bravely fight the good fight! To tell the truth is a revolutionary act. Thank you for what you are doing, and may God bless you and keep you!


I agree with everything you have said in your last three newsletters! Everything! I have been keeping up with the news also, and it is so obvious that this election was stolen from Mr Trump and us. I disabled Fox off my phone and computer. If Biden makes it in, we may never be able to vote and trust the electoral process ever again. None of us should be content with deception and theft of our confidence. Something God hates, I think??? Yes, God is on His throne, praise be! But civil disobedience is looking more and more attractive all the time. Not ashamed to say I love Jesus, not embarrassed to say I love my country, not uncomfortable to say I hope Mr. Trump remains in the White House. He's done a decent job. God's will be done.


Thanks so much for the newsletters. I love all that info. May God bring Trump back from the dead like Lazarus. That's what I hope as he protected the unborn babies, the Jews, and the Christians. I believe Trump will get second term and a smoking gun on Dominion is about to come forth with video — a vision i was given. The first smoking gun was Georgia and the suitcases and the vans of votes of my vision, and it came true. The second smoking gun of Dominion is to come before inauguration. Pray a high-up-level Dominion manager comes clean and spills the beans. Give him no peace until he does, God!

I just wanted to add my encouragement to the many you have received in response to last week's newsletter. It is sad that some have chosen to part ways with ApologetiX because of what you said, but we need Christians who will stand up and speak the truth in the face of opposition, and you have a wonderful, global platform on which to do that. To bring some balance to the scales, I am someone who discovered your newsletter and your fan club through that newsletter, because a buddy of mine shared it with me. Now I'm a subscriber and will be praying for you to speak with boldness and to not grow weary in doing God's work. Some have rejected the truth about what is happening in these last days, and no doubt many more will, but when we are seeing Biblical prophecy fulfilled almost daily, it's time to keep our eyes on the clouds and to be Rapture-ready!

Bible Reading Update: Ezekiel 13-Daniel 6
December 26, 2020, 2:18 pm EST

We began our latest trip through the Bible on May 6. Here's our Bible-reading plan for the next two weeks for those of you reading along with us:

Sun., Dec. 27 - Ezekiel 13-15
Mon., Dec. 28 - Ezekiel 16-18
Tue., Dec. 29 - Ezekiel 19-21
Wed., Dec. 30 - Ezekiel 22-24
Thu., Dec. 31 - Ezekiel 25-27
Fri., Jan. 1 - Ezekiel 28-30
Sat., Jan. 2 - Ezekiel 31-33
Sun., Jan. 3 - Ezekiel 34-36
Mon., Jan. 4 - Ezekiel 37-39
Tue., Jan. 5 - Ezekiel 40-42
Wed., Jan. 6 - Ezekiel 43-45
Thu., Jan. 7 - Ezekiel 46-48
Fri., Jan. 8 - Daniel 1-3
Sat., Jan. 9 - Daniel 4-6

Note: If you don't have a Bible handy, you can look up these passages for free on http://www.biblegateway.com. They have about 60 different English translations/versions there to choose from, plus translations in many other languages, many of which also have multiple translations/versions.

The 365-Day Album Challenge: Week 33
December 26, 2020, 2:25 pm EST

J. Jackson, lead singer and lyricist for ApologetiX here again.

Back in May, two friends asked me to share 10 albums that influenced me on Facebook. I narrowed it down to 365. I post the cover art for a different album every day with a brief explanation of how/why they influenced me. Fans have asked me to include them in the newsletter, too. Here are the entries for the past month:

226. The Greatest 64 Motown Original Hits Various Artists
I was already a big Motown fan, having purchased a three-record Supremes anthology and a number of Motown reissue 45's while in high school, but this was a four-album set loaded with goodies — many of which I already knew and loved but didn't own, and others I'd heard of but hadn't heard. Thanks, Tom Dellaquila, for letting me borrow and tape it. I have a feeling Tom probably inherited/borrowed it from one/some of his older siblings. I listened to this a lot in early 1984. Then in the summer of '84, the big Motown 20th Anniversary television special reignited the general populace's love for that music. Of course, The Big Chill soundtrack album in the fall of '83 didn't hurt, either. For a complete track listing, go to https://rateyourmusic.com/release/comp/various-artists/the-greatest-64-motown-original-hits/

227. War U2
I should have mentioned this one quite a bit sooner, too. We're in early 1984 here, and I first heard it in early '83. I already knew and liked the song "I Will Follow" from U2's debut album, thanks to Gerard Dominick. Then I heard "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and "New Year's Day" and loved 'em both. I bought the latter tune on a 45. That summer, I heard "Two Hearts Beat as One" and even learned it on bass. Eventually, I'd hear the whole thing. My favorites are "Surrender," "40," and "Seconds."

228. Changesonebowie David Bowie
I was late to the Bowie brigade, although I'd always loved the song "Changes." What finally did it for me was watching an HBO concert special of his Serious Moonlight tour, which aired in February 1984 and included many of his previous hits. I borrowed and taped this compilation of 1969-76 Bowie hits from a friend at college. I thought "Golden Years" was exquisite, and I still do. ApologetiX has spoofed three songs off this album, "Suffragette City," "Rebel Rebel," and "Ziggy Stardust."

229. "Weird Al" Yankovic In 3-D "Weird Al" Yankovic
I didn't own this album, but it obviously influenced me. The guys in my apartment sophomore year all loved "Eat It," "King of Suede," "I Lost on Jeopardy," and "Brady Bunch" on the radio and in the videos we'd see on HBO. I had already been writing parodies for many years by the time this album came out, but I probably never would have considered it a viable career if Al hadn't blazed the trail first. I'm still not sure it's a viable career, but I've been told it's a valuable ministry. Sleeper pick on this album: "That Boy Could Dance." Irresistible.

230. K-Tel's Out of Sight Various Artists
I can't remember where and when I picked this album up, but I think it was in a bargain bin, probably at a department store, while I was in college. Released in 1975, this record featured 18 Top 40 hits by various artists, including the #1 hits "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" (BTO), "Rock the Boat" (Hues Corporation), and "Kung Fu Fighting" (Carl Douglas). It also had such standouts as "I Got the Music in Me" (Kiki Dee), "Beach Baby" (First Class), and "Life is a Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me)" by Reunion. And don't miss the rollickin' "Kings of the Party," Brownsville Station's lesser-known follow-up to "Smokin' in the Boys Room." For a complete track listing, go to https://hercsktelalbums.blogspot.com/2013/10/out-of-sight-1975.html

231. Cool for Cats Squeeze
My third Squeeze album was actually their second. I found a used copy of this record at Backstreet Records at IUP. It contained four of their U.K. hit singles: "Goodbye Girl," "Cool for Cats," "Up the Junction," and "Slap and Tickle." As was the case with Argybargy, the non-hits like "Hop, Skip & Jump," "Revue," and "It's Not Cricket" are generally just as catchy.

232. K-Tel's The Beat Various Artists
K-Tel released this collection of 14 new-wave selections in 1982. I found and bought it used at Backstreet Records at IUP, probably in 1984. The big hits were by "I Ran" by A Flock of Seagulls, "We Got the Beat" by The Go-Go's, and "Hot in the City" by Billy Idol. Those were all great tunes, but I'd already heard them countless times by then. My favorite tracks were "Dreaming of Me" by Depeche Mode, "Kids in America" by Kim Wilde, "I Want Candy" by Bow Wow Wow, and "I Predict" by Sparks. For a complete track listing, go to https://hercsktelalbums.blogspot.com/2016/04/the-beat-1982.html

Note: The albums are not listed in order of preference or excellence, but in chronological order of when they influenced me. Also, just because the albums on my list influenced me back then doesn't mean I give them all a blanket endorsement now.

I started actively listening to music in the early 70's and didn't become a born-again Christian until early 1988, so it's going to be a while before we get to the Christian albums, but there will be many of those when the time comes (literally).

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