Invite ApologetiX to play at my church

If you're thinking about inviting the band to come and play at your church, fill this out completely and we'll get in touch with you.

Concert info
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Stage area
Ideal is 35x20x18' ceiling, but we can probably pull off a little smaller. The BEST option is to get the local high school auditorium if your church is too small.
Power We are going to need to get access to 220V/50A ("per leg") somehow. That usually involves a handyman, and about $20 at Home Depot, and we'll cover that in detail if it all works out. Just keep that in mind :)
Radio Station
Final Questions
Are you the decision maker? Yes


If not have you cleared this with them? Yes


Have you seen ApologetiX Live?
Has ApologetiX played at your church/event before? Yes


Has your church ever had a rock band? Yes


Are you ready to book this now if it all works out? Yes


How many people will fit where you'd like us to play?


How many attend Sunday? (all services combined)


How many in the youth group 6-12th?


Do you own any of our CDs or DVDs?


How'd you hear about ApologetiX?


Why should ApologetiX choose your church or event? Be specific. Have you had other events? How many people came? How can you get the word out?


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