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Book 'em Dan-o
What's it take to get ApologetiX to come play live?

ApologetiX is really more of a teaching ministry than a rock band. The decision on where to play is almost always based more on ministry issues than anything else.

We get hundreds of requests for live performances every month. We really could play 363 days a year (Gotta have Christmas and Easter off at least, right?) And if we were 19 we might just do that ;) But we're family guys, we're all married and have numerous kids in the extended ApologetiX Family. With that in mind, we limit our live touring to around 100 a year. Lots of opportunities have to be turned down.

So how do we choose? Here's what we look at:

Dedicated Promoters
The success of an event has much more to do with the diligence of an excited, aggressive promoter, than with the "visibility" of any band. We've seen time and time again how a focused promoter can bring people out of the woodwork in a town that we've never set foot in. We've also had folks host concerts in cities with tons of fans, and a great radio station, and have the opposite happen.

The Scope of the Event.
If there's going to be 3,000 kids, or 1,200 youth workers at an event, and they ask for ApologetiX, that's a great plus.

New Frontiers
If we've never or rarely played in the vicinity, we look very closely at that. As of June 2003, there were still a handful of states we hadn't reached.

Fan Base
There are numerous pockets around the country of dyed-in-the-wool ApologetiX nuts. We're talking about Illinois, Wisconsin, Texas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, etc. These folks travel hundreds of miles to see us. If we can play somewhere that's halfway between two of those, we know that some of our friends will make that trip and we can reach them, without returning 3-4 times to thier town in a year.

And it's dead last for a reason: God has always taken care of us individually and as a band in terms of finances. We've always had "just enough" to do what He wants us to do. From a standpoint of booking a concert, finances are more of a barometer of dedication than anything else. If the concert is properly promoted, and all our suggestions are implemented, etc., the concert may not only be a blessing to the people, but it may also pay for itself. And although we never suggest a national band as a fundraiser, some concerts do, in fact leave the promoter or church with some money to help plan the next event.

If all the other factors line up, we often do whatever it takes financially to make the event happen. And since we own the label we're on, we usually can afford to perform for sometimes as little as half what other bands that we hang with can.

We'd love to talk about coming to perform in your town, if we haven't scared you off, just fill out the contact form, and make sure you choose "I'm interested in hosting a concert" under the "my message is really about" popup.

You could start by contacting us via the contact page.