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Tom Tincha
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Frequently Asked Questions

Please check here first, we were really awake, and had our thinking caps on the day we answered these, and you're bound to get the best answer out of us ;)

Band History
Why the name ApologetiX?
How did the band get started?
When did "Weird Al" Yankovic's drummer play with ApologetiX?
How did you get started doing parodies?
What was the first song the band ever recorded?
What other Christian songs did ApologetiX perform?

Band Member Bios
Who is Chris VonBartheld?
Who is Jimmy "Vegas" Tanner?
Who is Tom Tincha?
Who is J. Jackson?
Who is Keith Haynie?

Band Mysteries
Is the ApologetiX logo a pagan symbol?
Does ApologetiX know "Weird Al" Yankovic?
Is J. really the singer's first name?
Is ApologetiX trying to sanitize secular music?
How do you pick potential parodies?
Does ApologetiX get much negative feedback?
Is ApologetiX just a safe alternative?
How old are the band members?
Do the band members answer their own email?
Can I send emails to the band members?

Boys in the Band - Alumni
Who is Jerry Hayostek?
Who is Bill Hubauer?
Who is Bob Flaherty?
Who is Keith Harrold?
Who is Tom Milnes?
Who is Fred Behanna?
Who is Jeff Pakula?
Who is Rick Servocky?
Who is Andy Sparks?
Who is David McKee?
Who is Steve Kayner?
Who is B.J. Collins?
Who is Bill "Moose" Rieger?
Who is Karl Messner?
Who is Todd Waites?
Who is Wayne Bartley?

CD Confidential
What's the story behind "Ticked?"
What's the story behind "Isn't Wasn't Ain't?"
What does the “WWID” shirt mean inside the "Morningstar" CD?
What's the story behind the "Downer of a Sister" DVD?
What's the story behind "Radical History Tour?"
What's the story behind "Jesus Christ Morningstar?"
What's the story behind "Biblical Graffiti?"
What's the story behind "Soundproof"?
What's the story behind "Keep the Change?"
What's the story behind "Grace Period?"
What's the story behind "Adam Up?"
Can I still order the Christmas CD?
What's the story behind "New & Used Hits: The Best of ApologetiX Vol. 1 & 2?"
Why isn't "Look Yourself" on "New & Used Hits?"
Who played keyboards on "Radical History Tour?"
What's the story behind "Apol-acoustiX"?
What's the story behind "Recovery"?
What's the story behind "Future Tense"?
What's the story behind "Chosen Ones"?
What's the story behind "Wordplay"?
What's the story behind "The Boys Aren't Backin' Down"?
What's the story behind "Wise Up and Rock"?
What's the story behind "Hot Potato Soup"?
What's the story behind "20:20 Vision"?

CD Contents
What songs are on "Radical History Tour" (1994)?
What songs are on "Hot Potato Soup" (2013)?
What songs are on "New & Used Hits: The Best of ApologetiX Vol. 1 & 2 (2004)" Disc Two (Used)?
What songs are on "New & Used Hits: The Best of ApologetiX Vol. 1 & 2 (2004)" Disc One (New)?
What songs are on "Adam Up" (2003)?
What songs are on "Grace Period" (2002)?
What songs are on "Keep the Change" (2001)?
What songs are on "Spoofernatural" (2000)?
What songs are on "Biblical Graffiti" (1999)?
What songs are on "Jesus Christ Morningstar" (1998)?
What songs are on "Ticked" (1997)?
What songs are on "Isn't Wasn't Ain't" (1993)?
How can I order CDs by mail?
Can I get a complete discography and track listing?
What songs are on "Apol-acoustiX" (2005)?
What songs are on "Recovery" (2009)?
What songs are on "The Boys Aren't Backin' Down?" (2009)?
What songs are on "ApologetiX Hits: The Road" (2005)?
What songs are on "Wordplay" (2006)?
What songs are on "Chosen Ones" (2007)?
What songs are on "Future Tense" (2008)?
What songs are on "Wise Up and Rock" (2011)?
What songs are on "20:20 Vision" (2012)?
What songs are on "Soundproof" (2010)?
What songs are on "Hot Potato Soup" (2013)?
What songs are on "Handheld Messiah" (2013)?
What songs are on "Singles Group" (2014)?
What songs are on "Loaded 45s" (2014)?
What songs are on "Apoplectic" (2014)?
What songs are on "Unconditional Releases" (2014)?

CD Distribution
Who handles retail sales for ApologetiX?
Are ApologetiX CDs available in Scotland?
Are ApologetiX CDs available in Canada?
Are ApologetiX CDs available in Australia?
Are ApologetiX CDs available in South Africa?
Where can I buy ApologetiX CDs in the USA?
Do you accept mail orders?

Concert Questions
How can I get more complete concert information?
How do I get info on booking a concert?
Does ApologetiX do benefit concerts?
What national festivals has ApologetiX played?
Where does ApologetiX tour?
Does ApologetiX play concerts in Canada?
What fan has been to the most concerts?
Does J. ever accidentally sing the original lyrics to a song onstage?

How do I schedule an interview with ApologetiX?
How can I get a press kit?
When was ApologetiX in USA Today?
How many times has ApologetiX been in "Plugged In" magazine?
When was ApologetiX in "Campus Life" magazine?
When was ApologetiX in the Los Angeles Times?
Has ApologetiX won any national awards?
When was ApologetiX on "The 700 Club?"
When was ApologetiX on "Getting Together?"
When was ApologetiX on Canada's "100 Huntley Street?"
How many times was ApologetiX on "His Place?"
How often has ApologetiX been in "HM" magazine?
How often has ApologetiX been on KKLA?
When was ApologetiX on "The Dr. Demento Show?"
When was ApologetiX in CCM Magazine?
When was ApologetiX on the Rick & Bubba Show?
Has ApologetiX had any national hits?
Where can I get photos/graphics for my news story?
When was ApologetiX in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution?
When was ApologetiX in DJ Times Magazine?
When was ApologetiX on "Janet Parshall's America?"
What did Christianity Today say about ApologetiX?
What does Agape Christian News Service say about ApologetiX?
Was ApologetiX on the Howard Stern Show?
When was ApologetiX featured on
When was ApologetiX featured in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review?

Why haven't I received a newsletter?
Can you recommend some encouraging Bible verses?
What does Charisma Magazine say about ApologetiX?
Has ApologetiX ever met Billy Graham?
What does Focus on the Family say about ApologetiX?
Why should anybody take ApologetiX seriously?
Can parodies produce positive results?
What is the mission of ApologetiX?
What does "Campus Life" say about ApologetiX?
What 10 Bible verses sum up ApologetiX?
What does "HM" magazine say about ApologetiX?
What did D. James Kennedy say about ApologetiX?
What does Christian Musician Magazine say about ApologetiX?
What does the American Family Assocation say about ApologetiX?
What do Josh McDowell and Lee Strobel say about ApologetiX?

Does ApologetiX accept parody suggestions?
Why doesn't ApologetiX do original songs?
Do you have any tips for someone starting a band?
Is Christian rock music evil?
How does J. sound like others on vocals?
Can I get karaoke versions of your CDs?
Do any of your songs have a simple message of salvation?
Do you sell sheet music or tabs?
Backmasking – fact or fiction?
Why doesn’t ApologetiX put the lyrics on an overhead screen?
What if you can’t understand the lyrics?
Do you play weddings?
What Christian artists influenced J. most as a lyricist?
What makes a song Christian?
Can you give me some parody-writing tips?
Can I get sheet music for ApologetiX parodies?
Why is ApologetiX so popular in Australia?
Can you give me some tips for starting my own Christian band?

Parody History & Legality
What legalities are involved in doing parodies?
Whatever happened to Weird Al's suit with Coolio?
How can I copyright my music?
Is parody really an art form?
Are some hymns just rewritten bar songs?
Does "Weird Al" get permission to do parodies?
Can you recommend articles on parody law?
Are ApologetiX songs parodies or just rewrites?

Why does J. say “Holy Monkey’s Eyebrow!” in “Downer of a Sister?"
Why do you sing "We're in Bob Flaherty's band"?
What were some parodies that didn't make it?
How do you come up with parody ideas?
Did you do any videos before "Downer of a Sister?"
What inspired "Downer of a Sister?"
Is "Look Yourself" based on a true story?
What were the first parodies you wrote?
What does J. say at the end of "Smart Blest Man?"
Who's the celebrity guest on "Boy Tell the World?"
Is it right to have Jesus sing like AC/DC for "Back Intact?"
Why did you spoof Linkin Park on "Corinthians?"
I love Apostle Paul too -- how can I learn more?
Is ApologetiX making fun of Kurt Cobain in their Nirvana parodies?

Are Christian parodies sacrilegious?
What are some resources to use for evolution vs. creation?
How could God create man knowing that many would still go to hell?
How do you deal with atheists and agnostics?
What role do good works play in our salvation?
Were Adam and Eve real people?
What does the Bible say about trials and suffering?
Where can I get info on cults and apologetics?
What does the Bible say about reincarnation?
Where does the term "born again" come from?
How can we know for sure we have eternal life?
What's the test of being a Christian?
Is Jesus the only way to Heaven?
What is the Romans Road to Salvation?
What are some Bible verses about salvation?
What verses help deal with the loss of a loved one?
What churches do the band members attend?
Can you give me some Bible-reading tips?
What if you feel far away from God right now?
How can I read the Bible daily without it being a chore?

Wacky Facts
How did Keith get so many names?
What happened to Bill Rieger's hair?
What happened to J.'s hair?
What about those "Paul is dead" rumors?
What's the band's favorite ApologetiX song?
What about Huey Lewis and Square Dancing?
Did J. do his own stunts in the "Downer of a Sister" DVD?
What does the "J." stand for?
What's the Three Dog Night connection?
Is it true that English is Keith's second language?
Who is the #1 fan of ApologetiX?
Why is Keith's family called the Cartridge Family?
Why does the band call Bill Rieger "Moose?"
How tall are the band members?
What famous secular group did Bill Hubauer play with?
Are the members of ApologetiX on steroids?
What's this we hear about Moose and poetry?
Why do they call Bill Hubauer "Wild Thing"?
Who are TNT?