Crowd shot masthead ApologetiX Logo Keith Haynie plays bassBill Hubauer plays lead guitarJ. Jackson sings leadJimmy Vegas Tanner plays drums

Has ApologetiX won any national awards?

When you specialize in an obscure thing like biblical parodies of rock songs, you don't expect to win any popularity contests. We've always been content to bill ourselves as one of the "Top 10 Christian parody bands in Western Pennsylvania."

All that having been said, we have been honored with a number of national Christian music awards.

Most recently, ApologetiX won the Best CD Award in Christianity Today's 2005 Reader's Choice Awards for "New & Used Hits," and placed second (after Skillet) in the Best Band category.

ApologetiX also won the 2004 Favorite Indie Artist award in the CCM Magazine Reader's Choice Awards, published in the February 2005 issue of CCM Magazine. CCM has been around for over 25 years and is regarded as the premier publication covering contemporary Christian music.

ApologetiX has won the following three American Christian Music Awards:

2002 Recorded Fringe Song of the Year: "The Real Sin Savior"

2004 Alternative Song of the Year: "Lifestyles of the Rich & Nameless"

2004 Alternative Artist Of The Year

We were as amazed as you are!