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When was ApologetiX in CCM Magazine?

The February 2005 issue of CCM Magazine featured the 2004 CCM Readers' Choice Awards. ApologetiX was voted Favorite Indie Artist, followed by hard rockers Disciple and former DC Talk member Kevin Max.

We were featured with a photo. CCM added: "Ironically your favorite independent artist is a cover band with a clever twist. ApologetiX specializes in retooling mainstream hits and turning them into faith-based parodies."

In the summer of 2002, we were shocked to see the following quote about ApologetiX in the Los Angeles Times from CCM's editor at that time:

"It's a concept that is incredibly cheesy, but they do it really well."

Matthew Turner
Editor, CCM Magazine
Los Angeles Times, 8/17/02

We took that as a compliment. We know what we do sounds cheesy, but we're glad that he thought we did it well. We didn't make a conscious choice to be Christian parodists; it was an area that we feel God led us into. We can't control how people perceive the concept, we can only do our best at what we feel we're call to do.

CCM is a great publication and we recommend it if you'd like to learn more about mainstream Christian music and the artists who make it. ApologetiX alumni drummer Keith Harrold has virtually every issue they've ever published, about 25 years worth!

For a look at the harder edge of Christian music, check out "HM" Magazine, another great publication that has featured us a number of times over the years, including an interview with J. in their May/June 2004 issue. For more info on that, see the FAQ on "HM" Magazine.