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Is it true that English is Keith's second language?

Yes, it's true. English is a second language for our bass player, Keith Haynie. Unfortunately, he's still looking for his first language!

As Keith himself has said, he has achieved a certain "notoreilly" as a "common sewer of the English language." Translation: He has achieved a certain notoriety as a connoiseur of the English language.

Keith has quite a way with the words. He has such a wry sense of humor that nobody's quite sure if he does it intentionally or not. We're hoping he'll finally tell all when he releases his autobiography, "No Idear Why I'm Here."

One of Keith's recent gems occurred as our spokesperson for Compassion International when he talked about how exciting it was for us to help people "sponsor children from other worlds." And thus, Compassion Intergalactic was born!