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Why is ApologetiX so popular in Australia?

We don't know, but we praise God for it!

We are constantly amazed at the amount of airplay and email we get from Australia. Here's an excerpt from an email we received from a radio announcer in Victoria, Australia in late November 2004:

"ApologetiX continues to go like wildfire on Good News Radio - in fact, they have topped our most played overseas group for the last 8 months straight. (Our chart is primarily used for internal purposes, but is a contributor to the TRAA charts that are used across the country) .. No particular song is being featured, rather songs from all the albums are regularly played, giving rise to this excellent exposure. Everyone seems to want to hear ApologetiX down here!

Frank Russell
Good News Radio 103.9FM
Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

The inevitable next question is when will ApologetiX tour in Australia? Stay tuned for more details. The answer may come sooner than you think!