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Who played keyboards on Radical History Tour?

Mark Gulden, a business associate of ApologetiX lead singer, J. Jackson, played keyboards on the two main songs that required them on "Radical History Tour," which are "Bethlehemian Rhapsody" and "I Know a Riddle." All other keyboards were played by lead guitarist/producer Karl Messner. The keys (car keys, that is) were played by Karl's wife, Debbie, on the song "Triune Godhead."

One of the friendliest and brightest guys you'd ever meet, Mark ran an advertising agency called Markpoint Creative at the time and met J. while he worked at Equitable Gas Company. We haven't seen Mark in quite a few years, but we checked out the web, and we see he's still at it and Markpoint Creative is alive and well. If you need copy writing, web design or original music, we'd definitely recommend Mark and his company. He was always great for high quality, competitive prices and fast turnaround.

If memory serves us correctly, Mark's a Berklee College of Music grad, so that would give ApologetiX two keyboardists who attended that school (that's where Bill Hubauer went). Last time we checked, he also attended church in the Dormont section of Pittsburgh, which is the same section of town where Bill Hubauer attends church.

Wait a minute ... come to think of it, did you ever notice how you never see Mark Gulden and Bill Hubauer in the same place at the same time? Hmmm ...