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What's the story behind The Boys Aren't Backin' Down?

Our 17th CD in 17 years, The Boys Aren't Backin' Down came out less than three months after our 16th. That might make you think the title pertains to ApologetiX, but the "boys" in question are actually another group whose name starts with the same three letters, the Apostles.

It may seem amazing that ApologetiX could come up with a new CD so quickly, but it's absolutely miraculous that the Apostles could come up with the courage to preach the Gospel to an unfriendly world less than two months after they all ran and hid while their Master was crucified.

But that's what a personal encounter with the resurrected Christ will do for you. This CD celebrates the spirit of courage those Apostles displayed and the Spirit of God, who gave them that courage.

The Boys Aren't Backin' Down also celebrates a year in which we played almost 100 dates in 40 states, and our first full year with the TNT line-up featuring guitarists Tom Milnes and Tom Tincha.

Unlike traditional live albums, though, the majority of the songs here have never before appeared on an ApologetiX CD. The few that have made previous appearances are from our earliest CDs and have been given new, improved lyrics.

(Italics) But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who believe and are saved. (Hebrews 10:39)