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How do you deal with atheists and agnostics?

Our song "Flurry" (Grace Period, 2002) was written about dealing with atheists
and agnostics. It talks about the fact that there are several witnesses for God, according to the Bible.

1. Creation itself tells you that this universe had a specific design
(Psalm 19:1 and Romans 1:18-25), and you can see from the things
around you that this isn't an accident. For example, how come the
Earth is exactly the right distance away from the sun that it's not
too hot and not too cold for life here? Why can't we find life on the
other planets? How does our heart know how to beat, even when we're
asleep? How do animals have the instinct to do things like raise
their young, hunt, etc.? There's a zillion questions like that. You
know, the second law of thermodynamics is the law of entropy, that
things are slowly moving from a state of order to a state of chaos.
They teach you that in physics. One example of this would be that
as things get older (like human beings) they lose energy and run down
and get worse. Yet evolution teaches that things get better. But the
Bible says that God created things perfect, and that things have
gotten worse and worse (including the ages of people going from the
900's in Adam's day to 80-100 at best in our day).

2. We are all born with a conscience and Romans chapter 2 says that
even when unbelievers who don't have the law do the right thing they
are showing that they have the law of God written on their hearts
(i.e. they have a conscience). Think about it. Even in atheistic
societies, they have rules and statues and an idea of what is right
and wrong.

3. God shares his living Word with us. The Bible is by far the most
published book of all time. It is archeologically verifiable, and it
contains many prophecies that were fulfilled. You should check out
books for more info. Hal Lindsay's book "The Promise," is a really
good one for that. You could also check out the Josh McDowell book
"More Than a Carpenter" or any of Josh's books like "Questions
Skeptics Ask ..." etc. These are short paperbacks and aren't too
intimidating to read.

4. God does miraculous things in everybody's life, and I'm sure He's
done some things in your life and/or in the lives of others you know
personally that you can share.