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Can I get karaoke versions of your CDs?

We don't sell CDs with just the instrumentation, because we didn't write the music, and the only way we legally can do this music is as a parody, and if we produced it without the parody words, it wouldn't be a parody anymore. Make sense?

You can also find lots of CDs in record stores and even Wal-Mart's music section that have Karaoke versions of many songs. Furthermore, you can find most songs out there in Karaoke form if you order from some of the Karaoke web sites out there. Just do a word search with the word "Karaoke" and the names of the songs and/or original artists you're looking for. You have to take whatever you can find that way, though. Some Karaoke versions are better than others.

We've heard that Radio Shack sells a device that greatly reduces the vocals on a track when you play it (It's like a cheaper version of a Thompson Vocal Eliminator) like a Karaoke machine. You might want to try that.

We're honored that people enjoy performing our parodies themselves. We ask that they always mention the source so the folks hearing can get the CDs for themselves and of course that they keep pointing the folks to Jesus!